Prostatitis Often Challenging to a Bad Mood

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Prostatitis is related to emotions. In modern society, life pressure is generally relatively high, and many are in a sub-healthy state. For example, they often have symptoms of anxiety and depression. If the time goes on like this for a long time, it is likely to cause diseases in the body.


Modern men are often in danger of bad emotions, which is an important cause of male prostatitis. If you are in a bad mood for a long time, it may cause prostatitis. Because prolonged tension will cause male urine to secrete acid-base chemicals, which will stimulate the prostate and cause prostatitis. At the same time, a bad mood will also reduce resistance and aggravate the symptoms of prostatitis.

In addition, many people will vent their psychological depression through sex or masturbation. Long-term bad sexual behavior will lead to kidney qi deficiency in the body. The genitals will also be damaged, which may lead to the urinary system and prostate diseases. At this time, it is likely to lead to prostate pain. Many males still maintain a depressed mood after having prostate pain and are depressed every day, leading to more serious symptoms and a vicious circle.

Prostatitis is a common disease in men. Many men affect their daily work and life because of prostatitis. For the treatment of prostatitis, both traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine will advocate that while taking drugs, you should maintain a healthy and optimistic attitude. Because of bad mood will increase the difficulty of treatment, and at the same time, the cured prostatitis will recur. Therefore, patients with prostatitis must maintain a good attitude to cure prostatitis actively.

So what are the effects of bad mood on prostatitis?

1. Inducing the occurrence of prostatitis

Modern research has found that bad emotions, such as working fatigue, anxiety, mood swings, depression, etc., can make men secrete more acid and alkaline chemicals in their urine. These chemicals cause excessive urethral pressure in men. When there is damage at the opening of the prostate tube, this irritating chemical will flow back into the prostate, and it will cause prostatitis.

2. Promote the formation of prostatitis

Long-term bad mood fluctuations will promote repeated passive congestion of the prostate. Over time, it will cause prostatitis.

3. Make cured prostatitis relapse

Long-term bad mood will also cause low resistance. Men are more likely to be infected with urethral diseases. Once urethral infection occurs, it will further aggravate the symptoms of prostatitis. Even if the prostatitis is cured, it will recur.

Foreign medical research has also proved that most patients with prostatitis have anxiety, depression, fear, pessimism, etc., and excessive tension. Drug treatment is not the first choice. Usually, doctors recommend that patients with prostatitis adopt an optimistic attitude and eliminate tension so that most patients have symptoms. It has been significantly improved.

The pressure of life and intense work make males more likely to suffer from prostatitis. People think most about drug treatment for prostatitis. And herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can help men eliminate symptoms and cure prostatitis. 

However, men should not ignore the bad mood and the impact on prostatitis. It is recommended that males actively eliminate bad emotions, which can improve and control prostatitis and greatly help physical and mental health.

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