How to Solve the Problem of Sperm Non-liquefaction Caused by Prostatitis?

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Prostatitis mainly occurs in young and middle-aged men. The infection in the prostate will reduce the amount and quality of protease in the prostate fluid. In severe cases, it can lead to semen not liquefying, thus affecting male fertility.


After this situation occurs, it is mainly necessary to treat prostatitis, such as drug treatment, physical therapy, surgical treatment, etc.; daily care is also needed during the treatment period. It is best to treat prostatitis while regulating sperm quality. In general, after the prostatitis is cured, the symptoms of sperm liquefaction can also be gradually relieved.


When treating sperm liquefaction, you also need to supplement nutrition. It is recommended to supplement more selenium and zinc and eat more vegetables and fruits, such as pears, apples, kiwis, carrots, garlic, black fungus, etc., which can improve the dysfunction of the prostate. You can also choose to use some traditional Chinese medicine for conditioning.


The traditional herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a formula developed by Dr. Lee’s TCM for treating male reproductive inflammation. Because of its complete formula and comprehensive efficacy, it clears away heat and detoxification, activates blood circulation and removes blood stasis, and promotes diuresis and relieves stranguria. And it has a definite curative effect in treating male reproductive inflammation such as prostatitis and orchitis. 

How to treat prostatitis?

1. Drug treatment: antibiotic drugs can be used for treatment, such as levofloxacin, cefuroxime, etc., which can play a role in controlling the bacterial infection. Symptoms such as obvious urination pain or vaginal swelling can be treated with symptomatic drugs, such as tamsulosin hydrochloride sustained-release capsules, diclofenac sodium, etc.

When accompanied by excessive bladder activity, such as urinary urgency and frequent urination, drugs that stabilize the bladder can be used for conditioning, such as Toterodine Tartrate Tablets, Salinasine Succinate Tablets, etc. When there are nervous system symptoms such as depression and anxiety, antidepressant and anti-anxiety drugs such as fluoxetine hydrochloride capsules and diazepam tablets can be selected for treatment;


2. Physical therapy: including massage, local hot compress, hot water bath, etc., which can promote the local blood circulation of prostatitis, accelerate local metabolism, help eliminate tissue edema, improve uncomfortable symptoms, and then enable the recovery of prostatitis;


3. Surgical treatment: When an abscess accompanies prostatitis, and the above treatment is ineffective, prostate abscess drainage can be considered. Transurethral prostatectomy and other methods can be selected for treatment when prostatitis is accompanied by prostatic hyperplasia.


In addition, daily care should be strengthened, such as avoiding holding urine and sitting for a long time. At the same time, you should have a reasonable rest and a light diet, avoid eating spicy and stimulating food, avoid tobacco and alcohol, and seek regular medical reviews.


How to improve sperm quality?


1. Quit smoking and drinking


It is essential to quit smoking and alcohol to make sperm quality better. Smoking contains nicotine, and alcohol is relatively irritating to the body. These things will affect the quality and survival rate of sperm and may also cause sperm deformity.


2. Control your weight


Nowadays, most people lack exercise, so many people are obese. Although fat has a good warm effect, if there is too much fat in the reproductive area, the temperature of the reproductive area will be too high, which significantly impacts the production of sperm. Therefore, for obese men, you must actively exercise to control their weight so that the quality of sperm can improve.


3. Do less sauna


Because the temperature requirement for sperm survival is relatively high, it is difficult to generate in a relatively low or high-temperature state. Therefore, to make sperm quality better, it is necessary to go to the sauna room less daily.


4. Avoid sitting for a long time


Nowadays, many people need to sit in the office for a long time at work, which will increase the probability of prostate disease, resulting in poor sperm quality, so don't sit for a long time, but stand up and move properly.


5. Relieve stress


Relieving stress is important for regulating sperm quality because men's pressure is very high now. It is normal, but you must learn to release and relieve stress to ensure a healthier body and make sperm quality better.

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