Is Squatting Good or Bad for the Prostate?

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Squatting is good for the prostate. The squat is divided into "weightless squat" and "weight-bearing squat." The "weight-bearing squat" is known as the "king of strength training" because of its many practice parts and complex operation. As an essential exercise of bodybuilding and fitness, squatting is beneficial to burning fat to lose weight, increasing muscles, and improving cardiopulmonary function, which is helpful to the daily health care of the prostate.


Squatting can exercise the body and enhance the body's immunity. Squatting can also speed up the local blood circulation of the perineum and prostate, reducing the incidence of prostatitis. Male patients often squat, which can contract and expand the pelvic cavity and perineum muscles. The prostate is located deep in the perineal pelvic cavity, and frequent squatting can massage the prostate.

Squatting is good exercise. It can promote the circulation of the lower limbs and the blood circulation of the tissues around the prostate, preventing prostate edema or bleeding to a certain extent. In addition, it can also improve the body's immunity to resist the invasion of external factors to a certain extent, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of prostate diseases in adult men, such as prostate hyperplasia or chronic prostatitis.

The effect of patients only squatting is not apparent, and long-term exercise is necessary. Most older male patients will suffer from prostate disease, so patients should do more squats and other exercises to avoid sitting for a long time.

Suitable exercise for patients with prostatitis

In addition to squatting, there are the following kinds of exercises suitable for patients with prostatitis:

1. Walking. It is a relatively small-intensity exercise, more suitable for elderly patients or poor physiques. Walking for more than 30 minutes after meals every day is helpful for the recovery of prostatitis.

2. Swimming. Swimming can exercise the whole body. When swimming, the feet are constantly splashing water, coupled with the pressure and resistance of water, etc., which can promote blood circulation in the prostate. It is beneficial to reduce edema and inflammation in the prostate.

3. Jogging. When jogging, the pelvic muscles can contract and relax regularly, which can promote blood circulation and is very helpful for the prevention and treatment of prostate diseases.

Precautions for patients with prostatitis

The prostate is a rare sexual secretion gland with internal and external secretory functions in the human body. As an exocrine gland, the prostate secretes about 2 milliliters of prostate fluid every day, which is the main component of semen. As an endocrine gland, the hormone secreted by the prostate is called prostaglandin.


● Don't hold urine

Once the bladder is full and there is an urgency to urinate, you should urinate. Holding urine is bad for the bladder and prostate. Before taking a long-distance bus, you should empty your urine before taking the bus. If you urinate urgently on the way, you should greet the driver, get off and urinate, and never hold urine.

● Take a warm bath

A warm bath can relieve muscle and prostate tension and relieve uncomfortable symptoms. A regular warm bath is undoubtedly beneficial to patients with prostatitis.

● Relax more

Life pressure may increase the chance of prostate hypertrophy. Clinically shows that the prostate symptoms will be relieved when life pressure is relieved, so you should try to maintain a relaxed state at ordinary times.

● A restrained sex life

Sexual life should be moderate, neither indulgent nor abstinence. Frequent sexual life will congest the prostate for a long time, affecting prostate health. After the onset of the disease, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time. You can take oral herbal patent medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to relieve inflammation and pain, clear heat and detoxify, and improve symptoms.

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