Unlocking the Potential of Probiotics: A Promising Treatment for Prostatitis?

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The probiotics are still out on whether probiotics can assist in treating prostatitis. However, Manfredi, an Italian urologist, and his colleagues have found that probiotic therapy may be a new approach.


Manfredi et al. combined Escherichia coli-Nissle 1917 (EcN) with levofloxacin to treat chronic bacterial prostatitis. EcN is a non-pathogenic gram-negative bacteria with probiotic properties, and EcN can compete directly with E. coli in CBP. Their findings were published in the World Journal of Urology. This new randomized study evaluated probiotics' efficacy and safety in treating CBP.

Through their study, Manfredi and his colleagues hypothesized that CBP might be associated with urinary tract and bowel dysbiosis or that dysbiosis of urinary tract bacteria may be the underlying cause of prostatitis. Probiotics may indirectly affect the urinary microbiota, and EcN has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects through various potential mechanisms. Combination therapy of EcN and levofloxacin may better control symptoms and biological relapse in CBP patients without worsening the safety of treatment.

In addition, bifidobacterium, as one of the probiotics, can fight against harmful bacteria in the intestinal and urinary tracts, thus cleaning the prostate and playing a role in preventing and treating prostatitis. However, it cannot reverse an already enlarged prostate.

Indeed, some probiotics can assist in the treatment of chronic prostatitis. But the cure for prostatitis still depends on drugs and other therapies.

Antibiotic therapy is a common treatment for prostatitis. Antibiotics diffusing from plasma into prostatic fluid are primarily effective against Gram-positive bacilli that cause urinary tract infections. However, they cannot pass through the panniculus adiposis of the prostatic epithelium and enter the prostatic acinus to achieve a therapeutic effect, so the therapeutic effects are not ideal.

Due to the difficulty in achieving effective concentrations of antibiotics in the prostate with systemic medication, affecting the efficacy, the treatment method of direct injection of antibiotics into the prostate has emerged. The main advantages of this treatment are that the drug is injected directly into the prostate, which is easy to diffuse, and can achieve an effective antibacterial concentration. It can kill the bacteria at the injection site and destroy them in the surrounding tissues. The drug partly absorbed into the blood can also synergistically eliminate infections of the urethra and other parts.

TCM for the treatment of prostatitis, especially chronic prostatitis. Prostatitis is a chronic disease. Therefore, TCM can significantly promote the treatment of prostatitis, and the prospect is optimistic.

In addition, patients with prostatitis should also develop good living habits in life. They should:

Highlight life management: patients with prostatitis can increase physical exercise properly at ordinary times, which can promote blood circulation, enhance body resistance, and help the recovery of the disease. However, patients should not cycle or sit down for a long time. At the same time, patients should pay attention to personal hygiene, such as changing underwear frequently and choosing warm water sitz baths. It can improve local blood circulation and reduce the local inflammatory response, thus promoting recovery.

Develop good sexual habits: patients should develop good sexual habits in daily life and keep intercourse regular to avoid interrupting the process of intercourse and irregular sexual life, as it may lead to frequent prostate swelling and congestion, affecting the recovery of the disease.

Try on diet regulation: patients should adjust their daily diet in time. Eating too much spicy food, such as peppers, onions, raw onions, leeks, etc., is not recommended. Patients should not smoke and drink alcohol to avoid taking too much nicotine or alcohol, causing irritation to the body and aggravating the disease. It is recommended to drink more warm water to promote the body's metabolism. Patients can also promote urination to speed up their recovery from the disease.

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