How Often is the Best Interval to Ejaculate for Treating Prostatitis?

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Prostatitis is caused by an infection in the prostate. Its symptoms may include pelvic pain, abnormal urination, and systemic symptoms such as fever and chills. Ejaculation can relieve congestion and edema in the prostate, help reduce prostatitis symptoms, and cause the local inflammation to gradually subside.


The main benefits of ejaculation for prostatitis patients include discharging inflammatory secretions, relieving pain, promoting prostate fluid discharge, improving sexual dysfunction, and promoting sperm quality.

1. Excrete inflammatory secretions

If the prostatitis patient has sexual needs in daily life, he can adequately discharge the semen. Ejaculation can remove the inflammatory secretions in the prostate and reduce the frequency of urination, urgent urination, urination pain, and other uncomfortable symptoms caused by prostatitis.

2. Pain relief

In daily life, prostatitis patients can relieve perineal muscle tension and alleviate discomforts such as painful urination and perineal swelling caused by prostatitis.

3. Promote the discharge of prostate fluid

Proper ejaculation in patients with prostatitis can promote the discharge of prostatic fluid, which is conducive to improving the discomfort symptoms such as frequent urination, urgent urination, and urination pain caused by prostatitis.

4. Improve sexual dysfunction

Proper ejaculation in patients with prostatitis can cause changes in hormone levels, improving sexual dysfunction to a certain extent.

5. Improve sperm quality

Proper ejaculation in patients with prostatitis can increase the number and vitality of sperm and, to a certain extent, can improve the quality of sperm.

However, patients with prostatitis should pay attention to moderate ejaculation, not to excessive ejaculation, so as not to cause excessive stimulation of the prostate, leading to aggravation of the condition.

A patient with prostatitis should have a regular ejaculation. Regular ejaculation helps to empty the patient's prostate fluid, thus promoting the recovery of prostatitis.

In general, there is no set schedule or standard for how often is the best interval to ejaculate for prostatitis patients. Generally, depending on the type of infection, whether it's nonbacterial prostatitis or bacterial prostatitis, patients are advised to ejaculate semen once every 1-2 weeks.

1. Nonbacterial prostatitis. There is no bacterial infection in the urethral mucosa, which refers to the congestion and edema of the prostate mucosa due to too frequent sexual life and too many masturbation times. In this case, patients should reduce the frequency of sexual intercourse or masturbation, and it is more appropriate to control ejaculation to once a week.

2. Bacterial prostatitis. For bacterial infectious prostatitis, patients may be able to prolong the period and control ejaculation once every 1-2 weeks. This helps to discharge sperm and prostate fluid and sometimes reduces the symptoms of prostate congestion and jam.

It is worth noting that regular ejaculation is only as much as possible to promote the excretion of prostate fluid retained in the prostate gland duct, reduce the excessive expansion of the prostate gland duct, and relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of prostate swelling. The recovery of prostatitis and regular ejaculation are not necessarily related.

If the inflammation of the prostate is high, making the prostate gland ducts narrow and occluded to a high degree, it is difficult to discharge the retained prostate fluid smoothly, even if active ejaculation, 

Therefore, for the prostate discomfort and swelling caused by prostatitis, the direct and effective solution should be a proactive and effective treatment of prostatitis. Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can help eliminate all symptoms related to prostatitis. 

At the same time, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet, moderate exercise, and avoiding excessive fatigue, is also beneficial for prostate health.

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