Masturbation-Induced Prostatitis: Can Abstinence Lead to Recovery?

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The prostate is one of the important organs in the male body and is closely related to both the reproductive and urinary systems. The prostate is susceptible to injuries leading to prostatitis, a common prostate disease, which can be either acute or chronic.


Once it occurs, it can lead to a series of symptoms that cause discomfort. Many men believe that the inflammation of prostatitis is contagious, and some even think that masturbation can cause prostatitis. Is this true?

Many young men in their early 20s often experience perineal pain, frequent urination, and urgency. Upon examination, they are surprisingly diagnosed with chronic prostatitis. They are puzzled, wondering why they are suffering from a condition typically associated with older men. After understanding their situations, it is found that many of them have a habit of frequent masturbation, with some doing it three to four times a day, and this has been going on for years.

Essentially, masturbation and sexual activity are not very different. Appropriate masturbation can help relieve sexual stress and avoid discomfort caused by sexual repression. For healthy, unmarried young men, masturbating 1-2 times per week without any discomfort is considered normal.

However, excessive masturbation can lead to chronic prostatitis. During sexual arousal, the prostate becomes congested, leading to localized blood stagnation in the reproductive organs. Prolonged congestion creates an environment conducive to bacterial growth. The toxins produced by these bacteria directly damage local tissues, increasing free radicals in the body, and further exacerbating tissue damage, thus creating a vicious cycle.

Moreover, excessively frequent masturbation can cause repeated congestion in the prostate, lowering resistance. If hygiene is neglected, allowing bacteria to invade, it can increase the risk of developing prostatitis.

Many patients with prostatitis believe that simply abstaining from masturbation can alleviate the condition. However, this notion is actually a misconception.

People with prostatitis already have a certain number of bacteria, pathogenic microorganisms, and their inflammatory substances in the prostate. Relying solely on abstaining from masturbation does not eliminate these harmful substances from the body and, therefore, does not serve as a treatment. Timely medical treatment is necessary for patients.

Due to the complexity of prostatitis, many patients still feel symptoms after taking antibiotics. This is because the prostate itself has a tough capsule, and if the gland ducts are often blocked by pathogens and necrotic tissue, it is difficult for the medication to penetrate and reach the affected area. Moreover, the toxins and pathogens within the lesion cannot be expelled, making prostatitis difficult to cure and prone to recurrence.

The traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill contains ingredients that can penetrate the prostate capsule and directly reach the lesion to kill bacteria and repair damaged tissues.

Patients who have been diagnosed should not panic or be overly anxious. As long as they actively seek treatment and adopt good lifestyle habits, they can achieve clinical cure or relief. In daily life, it is important to avoid long periods of cycling or sitting. Standing up periodically can relieve pressure on the perineum and promote blood circulation.

It's important to note that there are many causes of prostatitis, and while excessive masturbation may lead to the condition, it is not a guaranteed result. Therefore, treatment for prostatitis should be based on a clear understanding of the cause, followed by appropriate medical treatment and lifestyle improvements. Abstaining from masturbation alone is not a sufficient solution.

Moreover, if a patient does not engage in frequent masturbation, moderate masturbation, which can facilitate the expulsion of prostate fluid, will not affect prostatitis. Therefore, for patients with prostatitis, simply ceasing masturbation will not lead to recovery.

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