Is there any treatment suitable for both hematospermia and seminal vesicles inflammation?

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When it comes to hematospermia, people couldn’t help thinking of seminal vesiculitis, which has confused many people. In their opinion, seminal vesiculitis and hemospermia have certain symptoms in common. Therefore, people are wondering if there is any treatment suitable for both hematospermia and seminal vesicles inflammation.
Hematospermia refers to the presence of blood in the semen or seminal fluid. Normal semen is milky white. If there is blood in the semen, the semen is obviously abnormal and the diagnosis of hematospermia could be made out correctly. Bleeding and inflammation are found via detailed clinical and laboratory examinations.
Usually, a large number of men with hemospermia have no symptoms. However, there will be blood appearing in ejaculated semen. It is obvious that to see blood in the semen is quite frightening. Some may get a pink or redish semen, while other may find that it's white in the beginning but then red or pink semen comes out. 
As is known to us, there are clinically two kinds of seminal vesiculitis: acute seminal vesiculitis and chronic seminal vesiculitis. It should be pointed out that seminal vesiculitis often exists together with prostatitis and it is manifested mainly by sperm mixed with blood in fresh red color or in coffee color. 
Generally speaking, seminal vesiculitis is an inflammation of the seminal vesicles.  Although it may occur independently, seminal vesiculitis is most often secondary to prostatitis. Therefore, to prevent prostatitis from developing into seminal vesiculitis, prostatitis should be treated as soon as possible.
In fact, hemospermia is a symptom, not a disease. In most cases it is cased by prostatitis or seminal vesiculitis. More tests are requested for diagnosing the condition. If men with hemospermia caused by seminal vesiculitis or prostatitis weren’t cured for a long time, the quality of semen and the fuction of speerms would be affected, which would probably lead to sexual dysfunction and infertility. Therefore, hemophilia should be treated as early as possible. 
The treatment of hemospermia( which is caused by seminal vesiculitis or prostatitis) is the same with the treatment of seminal vesiculitis or prostatitis. As antibiotics produce resistance to drugs, seminal vesiculitis and prostatitis are worldwide stubborn diseases. Men with hemospermia who were not cured by Western medicine for a long time should pay attention to and receive the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine.
Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill is successfully developed by Wuhan Dr. Lee's Clinic through more than ten years of clinical studies and research. It is an effective traditional Chinese medicine to cure hemospermia and seminal vesiculitis by promoting blood circulation, which can not only induce diuresis but also dissolve stasis and hemostasis, thus dispelling heat to stop bleeding.