This is How to Deal With Low Sperm Count

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Low sperm count, which is also called Oligozoospermia, it refers to the fact that the sperm in the semen is below the right standard. Men with this low sperm count will have subfertility. The major causes include the small count or poor quality of sperm. According to the regulations of the International Health Organization, if the sperm per milliliter is less than 20 million, it is oligozoospermia.
In recent years, the rate of infertility has increased in general. Many patients are diagnosed as oligozoospermia, it is one of the common diseases leading to male infertility. Therefore, it requires great attention, what causes oligozoospermia?

1. Cryptorchidism
According to the study, the number of spermatogenic cells was significantly less than that of the normal testis. If cryptorchidism is not surgically treated at the early stage, there will be a greater risk of oligozoospermia or azoospermia.
2. Unhealthy sexual life
Avoid abstinence or indulgence, as sexual abstinence can lead to a lack of spermatogenesis and the necessary stimulation, while indulgence can also lead to a lack of spermatogenesis.
3. Endocrine factors
If there are endocrine disorders, especially the hypothalamus, pituitary, testis, the gonad axis, system dysfunction, it will result in testicular spermatogenesis dysfunction which will be manifested as oligospermia, or even azoospermia.
4. Hydrocele of sheath
Hydrocele in the tunica vaginalis can cause the local increased temperature in the testis, resulting in spermatogenesis disorder and oligozoospermia. The severity of the spermatic vein is related to the quality of semen. Severe varicoceles also reduce the number and survival rate. of sperm.
5. Infections
Specific and non-specific infections of the reproductive system can affect the sperm, such as chronic prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, epididymitis, epididymis tuberculosis and so on, which can lead to the reduction of sperm number or the increase of abnormal sperm number.

6. Immunity
The result of the survey has shown that men's immunity and sperm quality has a close relationship. Men with low immunity usually have low sperm quality, and even oligozoospermia or spermatozoa. Therefore, for men, regular exercise can not only improve their immunity but also enhance their sperm quality and reproductive capacity.
7. Varicocele
When a man suffers from varicocele, it will have some negative effects on the testis. Because the testis is not adequately nourished, the active substances in the testis will decrease continuously. The quality of sperm will be poor, and the number is scarce. Oligozoospermia can be very common in male due to varicocele,
Untimely treatment can lead to the following serious hazards,
1. Male infertility
If men have suffered from oligozoospermia, it is easy to cause damage to the reproductive function because of insufficient sperm density. In today's society, oligozoospermia is one of the important reasons for male infertility.
2. Acquired disorders
Oligozoospermia can cause weak spleen and stomach, and insufficiency of sperm and blood. 
3. Abnormal sexual desire
Because of reproductive endocrine imbalance, most patients with oligozoospermia have symptoms such as low sexual desire or hyperfunction, spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation and so on.
How should oligospermia be treated?

The treatment of oligozoospermia should be based on the actual condition. If you suspect that you are suffering from oligozoospermia, it is better to go to a regular hospital for examination and receive targeted treatment.
1. If oligozoospermia is caused by varicocele, spermatic vein ligation can be used for treatment. One year after the operation, the sperm density increased by 50% to 80%, the fertility rate by 30% to 50%. 
2. If your condition is caused by cryptorchidism, it should be solved as soon as possible. The surgery should be performed in early childhood, i.e. within 2 years of age, and not more than 6 years of age at the latest. In adult cryptorchidism, if the other side of the testicle is normal, the affected side of the testicle can be resected in order to prevent subsequent diseases. Retaining one testicle does not affect sexual function and fertility.
3. Treatment of oligozoospermia requires the treatment of acute and chronic orchitis, epididymitis, prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, and other genital inflammation. Patients can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which contains many natural herbs, such as plantain seed, fringed pink, polygonum, safflower, peach kernel, angelica, and so on. It has a strong power of sterilization and anti-inflammation and a good effect in the treatment of reproductive and urinary system diseases caused by inflammation. 
In addition, the treatment of oligozoospermia can be achieved by supplementing trace elements, zinc supplementation has a certain effect on oligozoospermia and septicemia, and the number of sperm increases significantly.
Oligozoospermia is not common in male diseases, it is usually caused by other diseases. Therefore, it is essential to find out the cause of the disease and take appropriate medicine for the treatment.