How To Deal With Protracted Seminal Vesiculitis?

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Seminal vesiculitis is a common infectious disease in men aged 20 to 40 years old. It can be divided into acute and chronic types. The seminal vesicle is adjacent to the prostate, vas deferens, urethra and bladder. They are related to each other physiologically and pathologically, so seminal vesiculitis often follows an infection of other organs in the urethral reproductive system.

Some common symptoms of seminal vesiculitis are as follows.
1. Patients may have blood semen or blood clots in semen after ejaculation. It's more obvious in patients with acute seminal vesiculitis.
2. Patients may have urgent urination, pain and discomfort during urinating, urethral burning and lower abdominal pain.
3. Patients with acute seminal vesiculitis may have fever, chills and other systemic symptoms. Painful ejaculation, low libido, spermatorrhea and premature ejaculation can be found in patients with chronic seminal vesiculitis.
Experts point out that it's relatively hard to thoroughly cure seminal vesiculitis due to the structural characteristics of the seminal vesicle. Bacteria can grow for a long time after the occurrence of inflammation. Therefore, patients should receive thorough treatment to prevent protracted seminal vesiculitis.
Many patients with seminal vesiculitis often ignore a few minor symptoms in the early stage and believe the disease will go away without treatment. But when it gets worse, they are likely to choose informal clinics due to superstition or money-saving. In consequence, it causes more problems instead of curing the disease.
In general, antibiotic medicine can be used to treat inflammation. If it is a mild seminal vesiculitis, patients can be treated with antibiotics and get better soon. But it should be noted that seminal vesiculitis is easy to cause other new infections if not cured correctly. The disease can easily relapse and become a chronic one unconsciously.
Persistence is the key to treating seminal vesiculitis. It usually takes 3 months to improve, but the course may last longer than expected according to the patient's condition. Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is recommended as a long-term medication. 
It can effectively kill all bacteria and viruses that cause inflammations and protect the male urinary system. Sticking to taking medicine is an important and necessary way to cure chronic seminal vesiculitis.
What's more, patients should avoid drinking alcohol, sitting for too long and eating spicy food. Having a healthy and regular sex life is also necessary for both men and women. Sticking to good habits is as important as taking medicine. If any of them is taken lightly, the seminal vesiculitis will become protracted and uncurable.
Treating seminal vesiculitis is a long way to go and patients must take it seriously. Seek the right doctor with the proper treatment and don't give up easily. Always be optimistic and confident, then you will never be defeated by the disease.
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