How to prevent urinary tract infections in summer

Date:2018-12-05 click:0

Preventing urinary tract infections during the summer months is very important, not only because having a bladder infection while on vacation or perhaps while getting married is no one's idea of fun, but because the chances of you having a bladder infection are 46% higher during the summer months.

Your chances of developing urinary tract infection symptoms are high, because during the summer months you are more likely to become dehydrated, and drinking less water to flush out your bladder is the perfect condition that causes bacteria to grow and thrive in your bladder.
So I'm giving you a list of things you can do to prevent UTI infections from occurring, and know that these preventive measures can be used any time, don't wait until the summer to try them. Having a healthy bladder and urinary tract is important to your general health as a whole.
Eight Glasses Of Water 
Water flushes bacteria out of your bladder so it doesn't have a chance to multiple and cause the painful symptoms associated with urinary tract infections.
Do A Cranberry Flush 
You can take one 500 mg cranberry supplement daily or drink several glasses of cranberry juice daily. They have a natural compound that keeps bacteria from adhering to the cells of your bladder, and allows the bacteria to be flushed away.
Use Garlic When Cooking
Okay, if you didn't know it, foods like beef and chicken contain E.coli which can cause urinary tract infections. You can reduce the risk up to 90% just by adding 2 tablespoons of garlic powder for every pound of meat, then you should bake or grill until all the juices run clear.
Take Time To Pee 
I think we are all guilty of doing this, but it doesn't do your bladder any good. Go pee when you have to, don't hold it. This is one of the major reasons for bladder infections. Flushing out the bacteria doesn't give it a chance to multiply.
Preventing Urinary Tract Infections During Sex 
Well, it's really before, during and after sex. Be sure to empty your bladder before sex. Be sure to keep to the missionary position during sex, this alleviates some of the friction that may cause irritation to your urinary tract, and be sure to empty your bladder after sex.
Swimming Pools Not Hot Tubs 
Using a hot tub is fun, but the chemicals and warm water can also cause urethra irritation that could leave you open to E.coli, that just happens to be in the water also. Swimming pools are a better choice because the bacteria levels are checked regularly. But even though the swimming pool is a better choice, you should still rinse off as quickly as possible.
Avoid Irritating Personal Hygiene Products 
I know there are a lot of great scented products out there for feminine hygiene, but they also contain chemicals that can cause urethra irritation. This irritation may cause inflammation, which allows bacteria to multiply in your urinary tract. So if possible, try to avoid irritating bath oils, bubble baths and powders.
Wear Cotton Underwear 
Cotton underwear absorbs moisture, keeps you cooler, lets air circulate and keeps the urethra area dry. All this prevents the growth of bacteria, where there is no moisture, there are no bacteria.. If you don't like cotton underwear, then you will have to be extra careful about preventing moisture build-up and keeping air circulating.
Be Careful About Your Birth Control 
Condoms and spermicides can cause irritation and inflammation which increases your chances of developing urinary tract infections. To prevent this, try using un-lubricated condoms and stay away from spermicides.
What Kind Of Toilet Paper Are You Using 
Scented toilet paper has the same effect on you as the scented feminine hygiene products. I've never understood the concept of scented toilet paper, but they can also cause urethra irritation that allows bacteria to grow. Try using plain white, unscented toilet paper, and always wipe from front to back, lowering the chance of irritation.