New ways for the treatment of follicular cystitis

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Many clinical patients have insufficient understanding of follicular cystitis, and it is one of the common classification of chronic cystitis. The influence of this cystitis symptoms is very large to the patients. Long-term follicular cystitis will not only seriously impact their daily life, but also increase the certain difficulty for delayed treatment. So we suggest the patient must treat the disease timely, avoiding to bring great influence to the patients. So, what is the treatment of follicular cystitis?


The potential risk and the main manifestations:

Follicular cystitis is a kind of the chronic cystitis, chronic granulomatous inflammation of bladder mirror triangle congestive mucosa irregular, more performance for gray-yellow uplift nodules, often surrounded by inflammatory mucosa, but sometimes the normal mucosa may also be seen between nodules. Main symptom are frequent urination, urinary pain and hematuria, waist ache, etc. Because cystoscope examination is similar to tumors, so we must distinguish.
How to deal with follicular cystitis?
On traditional treatments, many people will choose antibiotics for antibacterial treatment, but because of the refractory follicular cystitis, and the drug resistance of antibiotic itself, generally there’s no treatment effect. Improper treatment may also be aggravated condition. In recent years, with the resurgence of traditional medicine, the patient gradually turned to new medicine on the treatment of follicular cystitis.
Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill is in the treatment of follicular cystitis. Its diuretic effect  through leaching can work well in the urinary tract symptoms of follicular cystitis, and its promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis spleen have very good curative effect on the waist abdomen ache. It can make abnormal protrusion sallow uplift nodules disappeared, and can cure without recurrence.
Other matters needing attention
Follicular cystitis is stubborn and persistent, we must select targeted drugs as soon as possible, such as diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, otherwise it may induce urethritis, prostatitis, causing a great threat to health. In addition, if you can drink plenty of water, do not make a full bladder, eat less acrimony excitant food, focus on personal hygiene, you can effectively avoid the happening of follicular cystitis!
In addition, each time micturition should try to be exhausted, don't let the bladder residual urine. Drink more water at ordinary times, for cystitis relief also have certain curative effect. If you don't pay attention to body health, bacteria will be upward from the urethral retrograde, and then infection occurs.