Four steps to cure cystitis without antibiotics

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Cystitis, the inflammation of the bladder, is easy to attack women than men as the bladder of women is more susceptible to the bacteria. As the bladder inflammation is commonly caused by a bacterial infection, antibiotics are mainly used to treat this disease. However, the drug resistance and side effects make more and more patients go no further to this medicine. Then, is there other method for this illness? Here, the Physician Dr. Lee Xiaoping will tell you the four steps to cure your cystitis without antibiotics.

Step 1: Drink extra fluids, and not just water, such as cranberry juice
According to Mayo Clinic, many people drink cranberry juice or take supplements containing cranberry extract in order to treat or prevent bladder infections. Besides, patients can also drink both lemon juice and herbal teas can help to flush out any bacteria and help with an infection, helping to treat cystitis.
Step2: Alkalize your urine
Reducing the acidity of the urine can hinder the growth of bacteria, Dr. Lee explains. Patients can take vitamin supplements, which will increase the pH of the urine, such as calcium and magnesium citrate. Although many patients use this technique to cure urinary tract infections, there is not enough scientific evidence to support the use of minerals that alkalize urine to treat a bladder infection.
Sttep3: Take antimicrobial herbal preparations
Patients can make a tea out of 1000mg of goldenseal root, Dr. Lee suggests. Two to 4g of an herb called Uva Ursi can also be used to treat UTIs, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. These herbs may kill harmful bacteria in the urinary tract. Patients can also try to use buchu, cleavers, marshmallow root, corn silk, horse tail and Usnea Lichen in order to cure cystitis. Although these herbs can be purchased at many health food stores, there is not sufficient evidence to support the effective for cystitis. To radical cure the bladder infection; patients can take the patented herbal medicine - diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill. Its effective can be recognized by most cystitis sufferers.
Step 4: Take enzyme preparations
According to the Peace Health, some patients take special supplements called proteolytic enzyme preparations. Patients should take 400mg of either bromelain or trypsin in order to help enhance the effectiveness of the immune system and any herbal supplements such as the herbal medicine mentioned above being taken. However, there is not enough evidence yet to support the use of these enzyme preparations. Dr. Lee explains herbal medicine diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill is approved by SIPO, patients can take it trustworthily.
To sum up, cystitis cannot be cured by antibiotics only. Some natural effective methods can also be effective. To uproot your annoying bladder infection, you can do as per the 4 stets.