What should be done if one has burning frequent urination?

Date:2018-11-30 click:0
Burning frequent urination, the need to urinate more often than usual and burning pain during urination, is usually related to urinary tract infection and chronic prostatitis. 
Commonly, people with burning frequent urination are often prescribed with antibiotics with no cure and many side effects. In contrast, herbal medicine is helpful to terminate urinary tract infection and chronic prostatitis by both killing the root bad materials and the annoying symptoms naturally and harmlessly.
According to Mayoclinic, acute bacterial prostatitis is often caused by bacteria which are carried in urine. Bacteria can also move upward to the bladder and cause bladder infections. The infections lead to the symptom of frequent urination or urgent urination. Even if there are no pathogenic bacteria found, swollen prostate can oppress urethra and cause the need to urinate. 
Subhuti Dharmananda, a director of Institute for Traditional Medicine, Portland, Oregon, stated in his article, "Unlike antibiotic therapies, which are known to have no impact on the symptoms of urinary urgency, urinary frequency, and bladder pain, the Chinese herb therapies may have therapeutic functions that differ from merely inhibiting the bacterial activity. Most of the herbs utilized for the bladder syndromes are aimed at alleviating a condition defined as 'damp heat of the lower burner.' "
Herbalist Li Xiaoping holds the same point of view. "I applied plantago seed, dianthus, polygonumin my formula. These herbs have the properties of clearing heat and draining or drying dampness. They are selected for having a primary action on the genito-urinary system. And they are also the main herbs of a traditional formula to treat urinary bladder syndromes."
Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM Clinic receives many positive comments from its patients across the world. A new message comes from a man who had prostatitis and urinary infection for 3 years. "I am Steve, from maryland, USA. I am happy to let you know that I have great improvements with your pills. I used to go to toilet every 20 minutes. After taking diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill for 2 months, my urine is getting normal. The burning sensation has been away too. The herbs have made a huge difference, and it was worth every penny!"
The side-effects-free herbal medicine diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill is strongly recommended for burning frequent urination. With the function of clearing heat and toxic materials, diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill can kill bacteria and eliminate inflammation. In addition, diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill is a pain reliever. Chinese angelica in this pill is used in relieving pain, nourishing blood, moisturizing pathogenic dryness, and adjusting spirit. Thus painful and burning sensation while urinating could be totally moved away by it.