Do You Know Causes and Food Prohibitions of UTI in Men?

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UTI is a common disease in men, once a man has a UTI, he may has a lot of complications, such as impotence, infertility, prostatitis, epididymal tubercular disease etc. So in order to cure the disease, men should know causes of it and obey food prohibitions during the treatment.



Causes of UTI in men:
1.Humid skin when it is hot. It can be very hot in summer, a man sweats a lot even only does a little exercise. In order to store water in body, his kidney concentrates urine to prevent too much lose of water from sweat. So urine becomes thick and is decreased. Also humid skin provides a good environment for bacteria which can cause UTI easily, so it is a seasonal cause of UTI.
2.Using wrong drugs. A man with UTI, for him, gonococcus has drug resistance to some antibiotics. Or a man can be infected by his sex partner if she is not cured yet. Sometimes a man don’t take enough drug as his doctor told, also he drinks wine or eats spicy food, these can also damage the effect of drugs. Also a man with UTI may only use one antibiotic and ignore the mixed infection, like untreated amalgamative Chlamydia trachomatis or mycoplasma infection, these can make a UTI last for a long time without being cured totally commonly.
3.Drinking too much water. The suitable amount should be more than 3000cc for a day, a man should empties his bladder at least every 3-4 hours, also he shouldn’t eat irritating food, drink wine or coffee. The acidity of urine can be kept by eating more fruits with vitamin C such as orange, lemon and plum. At the same time it is better to take a shower than a sitz bath.
There are some treatments of UTI, patients can try home remedies if their symptoms are not serious. For serious symptoms, they can try antibiotics or a type of TCM called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill if antibiotics can’t work well for side effect or drug resistance which may occur being used for a long period of time.

6 food prohibitions during the treatment
1.Patients can’t eat foods which can cause flatulence, like milk, soybean milk, saccharose etc.
2.They can’t have stimulating foods like chicken, mushroom, hairtail, crab, bamboo shoots ect.
3.It is not allowed to have foods which can increased the humidity inside body like wine, sweet foods and foods contain a lot of fat.
4.Spicy and stimulating foods can’t be eaten by patients. For these foods can make symptoms more serious and it will be difficult for a man to urine.
5.Acidic foods such as pork, beef, chicken, duck, egg, carp, oyster, shrimp, flour, rice, peanut, barley, beer etc are not allowed. Since the PH level of urine has very close relationship to the growing of bacteria and antibacterial activity of drugs, the purpose of avoiding acidic foods are keeping the alkaline PH level of urine and strengthening functions of antibiotics.
6.Foods contain a lot of sugar can’t be eaten by patients. For sugar can increase acidity in body, so foods contain a lot of sugar should be avoided is one food prohibition during the treatment of UTI.