Don't Hold Urine, It's Harmful to The Bladder

Date:2018-11-30 click:0
Cystitis is undoubted a disease that has high morbidity. The occurrence of this disease can bring heavy influence to patients’ work and life. What’s more, if not treated timely,   the damage will be considerable, even bring life threat. So, it’s very important to prevent the cystitis. The first step to avoid the occurrence of cystitis is not to hold urine. It’s harmful to the bladder.   
Nowadays, the pace of the life is becoming faster and faster, hold urine seems to have become the most common thing. However, it really can do heavy harm to the body such as decrease the immunity of the bladder. And the cystitis is also the most direct result of holding urine. Why would hold urine cause cystitis?
First, there is a normal rule in the urination. However, holding urine breaks this rule and affect the normal urinary function. It makes a big amount of urine remain in the bladder for a long time, and it will lead to the breeding and growth of the bacteria, thus, inducing the occurrence of cystitis.   
Besides, holding urine can increase the pressure of the bladder and make the bacteria  get into the bladder easier by ascending infection, then inducing cystitis. In addition,  holding urine frequently can also make the bladder in the state of overfilling, thus, it can decrease the elasticity of bladder wall, affect the contractive function of bladder, and decrease the bladder’s immunity. And it will prevent the excreta and metabolin from getting out of the body timely, thus, the cystitis will be induced.  
Actually, holding urine decreases the resistance of bladder, it can not only lead to cystitis, the occurrence of cystitis can also easily induce other diseases such as prostatitis. That is because the urogenital system is interactional in physiology and    pathology. The occurrence of these diseases can cause heavy damage to patients, so it’s essential to quit the bad habit of holding urine.
For people who have infected by cystitis because of the bad living habits, the timely treatment is crucial. In the early period, patients can take antibiotics to treat this disease, it can take effect in a short time. If antibiotics don’t work on you, or if the side effects like drug resistance come out and lead to the recurrence of the disease, patients can choose traditional Chinese medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. This medicine has already cured many patients with cystitis. It has a great effect on curing this disease since the herbs in the pill have the functions of clearing away heat and toxins, promoting diuresis and relieving stranguria.  
Getting rid of the habit of holding urine can improve the resistance of the bladder.  Even if the daily life is too busy to focus on everything, we should also pay attention to this. In addition to putting an end to holding urine, we can also take more exercise to improve the overall immune function. It’s beneficial to prevent the diseases.