Is cystitis very common? What medicine should be taken for male cystitis?

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Cystitis can be said to be a very common disease. Many urinary system diseases can cause cystitis. Sometimes, diseases outside the urinary system such as gynecological inflammation also can increase the incidence of cystitis. 

Nowadays, life is more and more wonderful, and men have become a high-risk group of cystitis. What is the cause of cystitis in men? What kind of medicine is used to treat it?

Men suffering from cystitis are mainly related to bad living habits. Experts have introduced that many patients with cystitis are mostly caused by not taking care of hygiene during sexual life. If men urinate in time after sexual life, it also removes bacteria from the urine in time.

In addition, once a man is busy with work, it is a habit to sit for a long time without drinking water. As a result, the bacteria can not be excreted from the body without the scouring of the urine in the bladder, which increases the probability of suffering from cystitis. 

In daily life, men who are lazy and neglected to change their clothes to wash will also cause pathogens to invade the bladder through the urethra, causing cystitis. Since it is known that male cystitis is more common and related to bad habits in life, what medicine should men take if they have cystitis?

Although cystitis symptoms seems to improve by taking antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs, after stopping these drugs, it is easy for cystitis to recur. 

In order to avoid the recurrence of male cystitis, it is best for male patients to choose symptomatic antibacterial therapy after definitive diagnosis and drug susceptibility test, and oral antibacterial drugs are best to be taken in the full course of treatment.

When the symptoms of bladder inflammation are improved, then take it according to the doctor's advice. If the cystitis is repeated, the general antibacterial drugs cannot play a significant role, male patients can also be treated by taking TCM formula Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.

In addition, patients should pay attention to drinking plenty of water, personal hygiene, and physical exercise.