Does Male Mycoplasma Infection Cause Infertility?

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When men suffer from Mycoplasma Infection caused by unclean sex, because it is an infection near the reproductive tract, it will have more or less negative effects on reproductive health, which will also harm male fertility. 
The most direct cause is inflammation of reproduction organs caused by mycoplasma infection, and it affects normal sperm motility and quality and ultimately leads to male infertility.
Specifically, when men are infected with mycoplasma, they will first appear to have symptoms of Urethritis and then Chronic Prostatitis. Once the male prostate is infected with mycoplasma, it will affect the liquefaction time of the prostatic fluid, and as the mycoplasma infection continues to spread, the inflammation will also infect the spermatic tract and the seminal vesicles and testes, thus affecting the sperm and semen quality, eventually it leads to infertility.
Does mycoplasma infection affect male infertility?
1. Mycoplasma infection can interfere with sperm movement and cause male infertility.
Sperm movement is an important ability of sperm. If it is infected with mycoplasma, the microbe will attach to the sperm and make the sperm move weakly, resulting in male infertility.
2, Mycoplasma infection causes an increase in sperm deformity rate, resulting in male infertility.
Through clinical observation, mycoplasma can increase the rate of male sperm deformity, resulting in male infertility.
3. Serious infection of mycoplasma can destroy male spermatogenic cells.
There are a large number of spermatogenic cells in the seminiferous tubules of the testes, which are developed to form sperm.  When the mycoplasma enters the testicular seminiferous tubule from the urethra, prostate, etc., it will destroy the spermatogenic cells, causing the spermatorrhea to produce fake products, leading to infertility.
All of these above explain in a broad and narrow view that male mycoplasma infection affects male fertility. However, male infertility caused by mycoplasma infection is only conditional, which means that men can treat mycoplasma infection through right remedies, such as orally taking natural herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-Inflammatory Pill. The cure rate is high without any side effects. 
After treatment, it is not easy to relapse. At the same time, it nourishes the liver and kidney and improves one's own immunity. After recovery with the treatment of Diuretic and Anti-Inflammatory Pills, one needs only some exercise to gradually restore the sperm vitality and quality.