Is Foamy Urine the Precursor of Urinary Tract Diseases?

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Urinary diseases have always been a common disease that plagues men and women. They often appear in the name of diseases such as urethritis and cystitis.

In fact, we can always observe whether our body is in a sound state by urinating.In particular, male diseases can be manifested by urination frequency and color, such as yellow urine color, frequent urination, incontinence of urine, and white urine are all precursors to some diseases.

So how is the urination bubble? I believe that many men have had such a situation, what is going on? 

In fact, urinary foam is a very common phenomenon. If it is the following, then the increase of foam in the urine does not belong to the lesion:

There is semen in the urethra: if the semen is present in the urethra, it can cause foamy urine.Such as retrograde ejaculation (common in diabetes patients with autonomic dysfunction); frequent excitement caused by increased secretion of mucus in the urethral gland, after spermatorrhea.

Excessive urination: When the urination is too urgent, the urine strongly impacts the liquid surface, and the air and urine are mixed together, which is easy to form a foam, but is easier to dissipate.In addition, when urinating, the standing is too high, and under the action of gravity, the impact of urine on the liquid surface is large, and foam is easily formed.

Concentration of urine: In the case of too little drinking water, excessive sweating, diarrhea, etc., the human urine concentrates due to insufficient water, resulting in a higher concentration of protein and other components in the urine, which tends to increase the amount of foam in the urine.

Why do you have foam in the urine? Occasionally, foaming urine is mostly physiological, and most of them can find the cause for it, such as urinary urgency and urine concentration.If the foaming urine disappears after excluding the above incentives, and there are no other abnormal symptoms or diseases, there is no need to worry too much.

However, if these situations occur, everyone needs to pay attention to it. Once there is a lot of urinary foam, you have to seek medical treatment in time.

Urinary tract infections (UTI): include cystitis, prostatitis, etc., most of which are accompanied by frequent urination, urgency, and dysuria.

At this time, you can take the TCM patent formula Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which is specially used to treat urinary tract infections. Because of its heat-clearing, detoxifying, blood-activating and inflammation-eliminating funcitons, it can quickly wipe out the bacteria and inhibit the proliferation of bacteria, and then cooperate with stranguria-relieving and diuretic funcion to quickly help the urethra back to normal. Symptoms of frequent urination, urgency, and dysuria will be gone.

Increased urine sugar: organic matter (glucose) and inorganic substances (various mineral salts) in the urine can also increase the tension of the urine and cause foam, but the foam is generally large and quickly disappears.Diabetes patients with elevated blood sugar, secondary to elevated urine sugar, prone to foamy urine.

For the persistent appearance of foamy urine, it is necessary to check whether it is caused by disease.If the above non-pathological factors are excluded, or the foamy urine is accompanied by other abnormal symptoms or diseases such as edema, hematuria, frequent or urgent urination, dysuria, nocturia, hypertension, diabetes, etc. , you need to go visit Nephrology department of the hospital in time.

If it is caused by urinary tract infection, foamy urination can be treated by taking Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.