Symptoms of Female Chronic Cystitis

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Cystitis is a common urinary system disease that can be affected by both men and women. The anus and urethra of females are very close, and the feces easily irritate the urethra, which will cause chronic cystitis. Therefore, females must clean the anus in time after defecation to prevent the occurrence of chronic cystitis.

Symptoms of female chronic cystitis 
1. Frequent urination. 
Frequent urination is manifested as an increase in the urination frequency. Increased urination frequency can be divided into two types: physiological and pathological. Females in daily life should drink a lot of water, eat too many melons, the weather becomes cold, and the mental stress is all reasons of increased frequency of urination in physiology. And frequent urination caused by diseases of the genitourinary system is pathological.
2. Urgent urination.
Women with chronic cystitis may have symptoms of urinary urgency. As soon as women have the urge to urinate, they cannot wait to go to the toilet for a while and may pee pants after a short wait.
3. Painful urination. 
The patient will have pain in the perineum and urethra when urinating, and the urethra orifice will have varying degrees of burning sensation.
4. Lower abdominal pain. 
Under the stimulation of inflammation, females will have symptoms of persistent lower abdominal pain.
5. Hematuria.
If chronic cystitis is more severe, the patient will also get hematuria.
6. Physical weakness. 
After suffering from chronic cystitis, women will feel physically weak, and it is difficult to lift their energy.
Chronic cystitis is a disease that is very prone to recurring attacks. Therefore, many patients suffer from this disease for a long time. Many patients have not been treated in time, which leads to painful urination, turbid urine, and hematuria. So, women with chronic cystitis must receive medication as soon as possible. Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is remarkably effective in treating chronic cystitis. 
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be taken because it has the effect of clearing heat and detoxification, promoting blood circulation, promoting Qi, and relieving pain, so it can effectively eliminate urinary system inflammation. In addition, patients need not worry about side effects as it is made of natural herbs.
The appearance of hematuria is increased. Because of the risk of bladder cancer, once a patient with cystitis sees hematuria in the urine with the naked eye, she should go to a professional hospital for treatment in time to prevent the disease from causing bladder cancer or other serious illnesses. In addition, chronic cystitis is a disease that is difficult to cure, so everyone must be patient and persist in treating it.

Precautions for women with chronic cystitis
1. After a female suffers from chronic cystitis, do not use scented shower gel. Otherwise, it will irritate the bladder and aggravate the symptoms of the disease.
2. The patient should pay attention to draining the urine of the bladder immediately before and after sex and wash the private parts.
3. Patients should not wear too tight clothing and should wear loose clothing with good air permeability.
Female chronic cystitis is very harmful to patients, so women should prevent chronic cystitis in daily life. Pay special attention to hygiene, wash and change underwear frequently. Do not use bleached toilet paper, and wipe it from front to back after bowel movements. Usually, avoid excessive fatigue. The private parts should be cleaned before and after sex to prevent the growth of bacteria.

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