Repeated Urinary Tract Infections in Older People? What Should They Do?

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The recurrent episodes of urinary tract infections in older people may be related to the decline of the immune system and their susceptibility to bacterial infections. Its main symptoms include bladder irritation, that is, frequent urination, urgency, painful urination or nausea, vomiting, discomfort in the bladder area or perineum, which can cause severe consequences without systemic treatment.
Older people have many primary diseases. Suppose urinary tract infections are not treated in time and aggravating chronic diseases such as diabetes. In that case, it may also lead to renal failure, which can seriously endanger patients' lives. So what should be done about recurrent urinary tract infections in older people, and can urinary tract infections be cured?

What should older people do if they have repeated urinary tract infections?
Recurrent urinary tract infections in older people need to be checked as soon as possible to determine the cause and treat symptoms. Treatment can generally cure urinary tract infections in older people in the outpatient clinic, but recurrent urinary tract infections need to be thoroughly checked, and the cause is searched for. Post-menopausal female patients have more risk of urinary system infection and recurrent attacks than the average young woman. At this time, it is also necessary to actively search for the cause of the disease.
The cause of urinary tract infection in older people is complicated, with many drug-resistant bacteria, many conditional pathogens, and a high recurrence rate. The primary disease should be actively controlled, and the predisposing factors, especially urinary tract obstruction in older men, should be actively controlled. Older men with an enlarged prostate should be actively treated. 
The topical use of estrogen in elderly female patients can restore the physiological state of the lower urethra before menopause, the relationship between vaginal pH and flora. In addition, the urinary tract operation during diagnosis and treatment of older people should also be minimized. For example, a urinary catheter is used instead of indwelling urinary catheters, local cleaning should be paid attention to, and older people should frequently replace urinary catheters and mattresses.
In treating urinary system infections in older people, it is necessary to select drugs with better efficacy and robust targeting to improve the effectiveness, shorten the course of treatment, and reduce pain—for example, the use of herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. The main ingredients of Diuretic Anti-inflammatory Pill include plantain, dianthus, talc, houttuynia cordata, etc., which have the effects of clearing heat and removing dampness, etc., have an excellent therapeutic effect.

Can urinary tract infections be radically cured?
About 0%-80% of urinary tract infections can be cured by antibiotic treatment, but the symptoms of individual patients will recur after treatment. During the treatment with antibiotics, a mid-stage urine culture is required for the patient. For recurrent urinary system infections, it is necessary to find the cause of the disease for treatment, especially in female patients.
Urinary tract infection in older people is a common clinical symptom. In addition to bladder irritation and signs of bladder area or perineal discomfort, older people with urinary tract infection may also be accompanied by urge incontinence, turbid urine, terminal hematuria, or even systemic infection. 
If older people urinary tract infection recurs, they need to see a doctor in time, perform related examinations, clarify the cause, and treat them as soon as possible to avoid more severe consequences. Most patients with urinary tract infections can be cured through standardized treatment. However, if the recurrence occurs after treatment, it is necessary to search for the cause and promptly treat the symptoms actively.

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