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Vitamin D for Strong Sperm

Date:2018-12-08 click:0

Men with the highest levels of vitamin D in their blood also have the best-swimming sperm, according to a new Danish study.


The researchers took blood and sperm samples from 300 men over the course of a year to account for seasonal differences in vitamin D levels. Using microscopes, the scientists saw that sperm from guys with the most vitamin D in their blood, on average, were 14 percent more likely to be “progressively motile”—meaning it wriggles rapidly like healthy sperm should—than sperm from the guys with the least amount of vitamin D.


Vitamin D starts a series of signals that allow the tail of the sperm to spin faster, says study author Martin Blomberg Jensen, M.D. A faster tail means a faster sperm that’s more likely to break through the outer wall of an egg and result in fertilization.


It’s not yet clear if boosting your vitamin D levels with either an extra day in the sun or a supplement will result in stronger sperm. But here are three ways you can keep swimming strong:


Have lots of sex: Men who had sex (or masturbated) once daily for seven days saw the percentage of their sperm with DNA damage drop from 34 percent to 26 percent by the end of the week, according to an Australian study.


Eat more folate: Men who don’t get enough folate, also called vitamin B9, produced 20 percent more sperm containing an extra chromosome, which can cause Down’s syndrome and other birth defects. Our advice: Eat a folate-enriched cereal for breakfast. Spinach and asparagus are also rich in it. And avoid soy, The Most Dangerous Food for Men.


Cut out trans-fats: A recent Harvard University study found that men with the highest levels of trans-fatty acids in their semen also had the lowest number of sperm. Whether or not a food contains trans fats will be listed on the nutrition label. Aim for 0 grams—even these foods can contain up to .5 a gram of trans fat.