How Is Vitamins Related to Azoospermia?

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Many people think that vitamins mainly affect the stability of the body's endocrine system. In fact, vitamins also have a great impact on the male reproductive system, the most important of which is the occurrence of azoospermia. Many people may not understand why vitamins can cause azoospermia? Here's the detail.

Vitamin C
It is mainly used to reduce sperm agglutination, which is beneficial to semen liquefaction. The DNA of the genetic gene in sperm cells is protected by the antioxidant function of vitamin C. if the genetic gene is destroyed, the ability of sperm fertilization will be weakened, and infertility will occur. Fresh vegetables such as green vegetables, leeks, spinach, pepper, etc., fresh fruits such as orange, red dates, hawthorn, kiwifruit, etc. contain rich C.
Vitamin B12
The physiological activity of vitamin B12 depends on cobalt to a great extent. Cobalt can reduce the oxygen consumption of tissues, improve the tolerance to hypoxia and enhance the vitality of tissues in the hypoxia environment. Studies have shown that if patients lack vitamin B12 for a long time, such as vegetarians, the concentration of sperm in semen will be lower than other people, and normal sexual function will be affected. Foods rich in vitamin B12 include animal liver, beef, pork, egg, milk, cheese.
Vitamin A
The main function of vitamin A is to promote the synthesis of protein so as to prevent azoospermia. The lack of vitamin A can affect the production of spermatocytes in testis, the degeneration of vas deferens epithelium, the decrease of testis weight, the reduction of seminal vesicles, and the keratinization of the prostate.

The lack of vitamin A in ovary affects the normal secretion of estrogen. Vitamin A only exists in the tissues of animals, but more in the yolk, milk, cream, cod liver oil, and liver of animals.
Vitamin E
It has the function of regulating gonad and prolonging sperm life. Vitamin E can improve blood circulation, and the capillaries of male friends' genitals can also be fully moved. In addition, it can also effectively improve the sexual desire of male friends, increase sperm production, and prevent azoospermia.
Vegetable oil is the best food source of vitamin e. the foods rich in vitamin E include sesame, walnut, lean meat, milk, eggs, etc., soybean, peanut, animal liver, cream, and yellow, green vegetables are also rich in vitamin E.
Therefore, patients can eat more fruits and vegetables containing vitamin E and various trace elements to resist the bacteria that destroy sperm. Adding 600 mg vitamin E per day can improve sperm motility. The latest research results show that food such as fish products can increase the number of sperm by two times.

These four kinds of vitamins have a certain impact on sperm. Men should also pay attention to these kinds of vitamins in daily vitamin supplements to avoid affecting sperm and causing azoospermia, which is also a few more common life support. Anyway, vitamin supplementation can effectively prevent azoospermia. Experts stressed that in order to be healthy, we should pay attention to nutrition balance and regular physical examination.
Azoospermia is partly caused by congenital causes and or temporary azoospermia caused by long-term drinking, smoking, work, high-temperature environment, emotional pressure, etc., which can be improved by improving living habits to improve sperm treatment.
More clinical cases show that azoospermia is related to the problem of sperm in a certain formation link, including congenital testicular abnormalities, testicular lesions such as testicular trauma, inflammation, torsion, and testicular vascular lesions. Among them, the probability of azoospermia caused by orchitis is relatively high.

In this case, it needs to be treated thoroughly. At the same time, in order to improve the quality and survival rate of sperm, the maintenance of seminal plasma cannot be ignored. Therefore, it is necessary for the treatment of prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis. Patients can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill with anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory, blood-activating, and stasis-removing effects to improve the quality of sperm. Finally, best wishes for your recovery!

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