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Six Misunderstandings about Antibiotics

Date:2018-11-30 click:0
Although we are not intended to abuse antibiotics, a lot of people have some misunderstandings of antibiotics for knowing little about them, which is the leading reason of antibiotics abuse. Some experts have analyzed some common misunderstandings of antibiotics.
Some people may believe that antibiotics are equal to anti-inflammatory dugs, while the truth is that antibiotics can not work directly on the inflammation. They work as the killer of bacteria that cause inflammations. It is the anti-inflammatory drugs that work on the inflammations directly. 
Most of people misunderstand that antibiotics can cure all types of inflammations, but they can only cure the inflammations that caused by bacteria, and have no effect on those caused by virus. 
Besides, a lot of people believe that it can prevent us from being infected, but just as we’ve mentioned above, antibiotics can kill bacteria while can not help us to prevent infection. On the contrary, if we use it for a long time, the bacteria will develop drug resistance.
The principle of using antibiotics is to choose the narrow-spectrum one when it works rather than the broad one, and we only use one but not two or more kinds if this kind works. Only when we are seriously infected, we use several kinds of antibiotics at the same time, and only when we have no idea about the type of bacterium that causes our infection, we use the broad-spectrum antibiotics. Thus, the broad-spectrum antibiotics are not prior to the narrow-spectrum ones.
Many people also believe that the latest one is better than the old one, and the more expensive, the better. As a matter of fact, each kind of antibiotic has its own features, advantages and disadvantages. They should be prescribed individually based on the conditions of patients. The emergence of new kind is usually the consequence of the drug resistance of the old generation.
There are a lot of people who have strong faith in antibiotics whenever they get cold. But few of them know that cold can be caused not only by bacteria but also by virus. Antibiotics, however, only work on the former one. I believe that many people have found that antibiotics didn’t make them better when having a cold in some cases. Thus, we should not use antibiotics to treat cold all the times, but should figure out what kind of cold we get firstly and then, choose the right treatment.
As long as we know something about the antibiotic, we can use it properly. What’s more, antibiotic is not the only choice when removing the inflammation and killing bacteria. There are many other medicines, such as diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, Fuyan pill, can work equivalently in these respects. Besides, the two medicines, putting them as examples, won’t cause drug resistance or other side effects, and work very well especially in curing problems in the urinary and reproductive system of man and woman.
In a conclusion, we should not rely on the antibiotics too much, as they are not omnipotent.