3 Misunderstandings in Seminal Vesiculitis. How Much Do You Know? How To Prevent It?

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Seminal vesiculitis is one of the prevalent infectious diseases in men. The age of onset is mostly between 20 and 40 years old. The main clinical manifestations are dripping white and blood sperm. There is acute and chronic seminal vesiculitis, and individual differences are enormous. The clinical images are not the same. 
Seminal vesiculitis, especially chronic seminal vesiculitis combined with chronic prostatitis, is relatively difficult to treat. Seminal vesiculitis is the most overlooked sperm killer. Once a man has seminal vesiculitis, there is no way to keep the "tadpole" home!

Patients with seminal vesiculitis often face three misunderstandings. As long as they are adequately familiar with the severe consequences of these misunderstandings and correct them in time, there is still hope that the disease can be cured. details as follows:
Misunderstanding 1. 
The seminal vesiculitis is a trivial problem, and it will pass very soon as men ignore it. After illness, men must actively receive post-treatment. Patients can use herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill as quickly as possible to reduce inflammation and sterilization. It has the effects of clearing heat, detoxifying, diuresis, and dredging leaching. Its ingredients are pure natural herbals, and several courses of treatment will not cause drug resistance and side effects to the body.
Misunderstanding 2. 
Choose a non-professional medical institution for treatment. As a result, because of the lack of correct diagnosis and precise classification, scientific and fair treatment is not available, resulting in prolonged and repeated seminal vesiculitis, and ultimately loss of confidence, mistakenly thinking that seminal vesiculitis is a lifelong disease.
Misunderstanding 3. 
Patients may change hospitals randomly, take drugs at will, and change the treatment plan soon. As time goes by, the heavier the psychological burden, the more mentally painful, and the more difficult it is to cure the disease.

How to prevent seminal vesiculitis?
1. Pay attention to diet. 
Eat a light diet, pay attention to food hygiene, do not drink alcohol, do not eat spicy and irritating food so as not to cause prostate congestion, and avoid sexual intercourse interruption. Eating spicy food is not suitable for male health, and it is a kind of harm to prostate health.
2. Enhance immunity. 
Strengthen exercise, improve physical fitness, avoid colds, etc., treat dental caries in time, prevent diarrhea, and actively treat infections in other parts of the body. According to experts, when many men have a cold or something in life, many will not choose treatment. They feel that it will be fine if men survive it. Many serious male diseases are dragged out in this way. Therefore, experts remind everyone to go to a regular male hospital for examination and treatment after the illness.
3. Avoid excessive intercourse. 
Patients with chronic seminal vesiculitis can regularly massage the seminal vesicles and prostate. One is to improve the blood supply of the prostate and seminal vesicles, and the other is to promote the excretion of inflammatory substances. Combine a balance between work and rest, avoid tobacco, alcohol, and spicy food. Indulgence is very harmful to male health. Failure to correct it for a long time will increase the chance of developing seminal vesiculitis and improve sexual dysfunction.
4. Relieve mind burden. 
Eliminate the worries of patients, especially those of hemospermia patients, and enhance their confidence in overcoming the disease.
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