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Why Does Chronic Prostatitis Lead to Frequent Urination?

Date:2018-11-30 click:0
Chronic prostatitis is elusive to us. This disease is common in men under 50 years of age. The symptoms of chronic prostatitis are very complicated. Patient can have pain and abnormal urination. The cause of prostatitis is also complex. There are different classifications clinically,and Chronic prostatitis is the most common type. The root cause of urinary frequency in patients with chronic prostatitis is as follows:
 (1) Increased excitability of the bladder. The capacity of the normal bladder to cause urination is 250-450 ml, but with increased bladder excitability, we may want to urinate when there are 20~100 milliliters urine in the bladder. All patients with cystitis have frequent urination. Acute prostatitis stimulates the bladder and can also cause frequency of urine. Patients with persistent urinary frequency symptoms should be examined in detail to eliminate the possibility of urinary tuberculosis.
(2) Reduction of bladder capacity. The normal volume of the bladder is 250-500ml. If the bladder is partially removed due to disease or causes contracture because of long - term bladder colostomy, stones, bladder tuberculosis, bladder volume decreases for the compression of external bladder, so the times of urination increases. 
 (3) Mental state and psychological factors. The innervation and urination of the bladder are complex. Normal people urinate more frequently during the day, but almost none at night. When we are deeply absorbed in work and play, we can wait for a long time before urination; but the times of urination can be increased with idleness. Some people urinate more when they are nervous or angry; Some people want to urinate when they see the toilet; Some people urinate when they hear the sound of water. These indicate that the urinating times are influenced by the advanced nerve center, living habits and psychological effects.
Patients with chronic prostatitis can cause frequent urination for cold, alcohol, emotional stress and acute infection. Attention should be paid to differential diagnosis.
Chronic prostatitis can lead to many complications, like infertility, orchitis, cystitis, seminal vesiculitis, male and female urethritis etc. So it’s important to find a proper treatment and cure this disease thoroughly. A Chinese herbal medicine, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, made a great success for helping patients get rid of chronic prostatitis in clinic .