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Does Sleep On One Side Hurt Your Testicles?

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According to a report, Tim, a student of a university, had to remove one side of the testicle because of testicular necrosis caused by improper sleeping position, which was not treated in time, seriously affecting sexual function.
When it comes to the sleeping position, which one are you prone to? Lie on your back or lie on the side?

Generally, the lie-on-your-back position has a high proportion and it's a better position that's suited for reducing muscle soreness. Because when we're lying on our back, our spines are in a straight line. However, due to the saliva easy to flow into the trachea when lying on the back, resulting in snoring, the position is not conducive to the operation of lung qi and blood.
Lying on one side can be divided into the left side and the right side.
Left side sleeping, which is commonly the position most people adopt, is good for relaxing your muscles. However, because your heart is in the left chest, this sleeping position is easy to press the heart so that it increases the burden of the heart. Hence, this position is not suitable for people with weak heart and cardiac diseases.
Right side sleeping, which is a healthy sleeping position that most experts agree on, can make the body's intestines and stomach digestion normal without pressing the heart.
We generally recommend you sleep your right side because of the heart condition. But for men, they have two testicles, one on each side. So whether they are lying on their left side or on their right side, they have pressure on their testicles.
Although about half of patients develop testicular torsion after strenuous exercise, the problem is also more likely to occur when the testicles are squeezed between the legs while sleeping on one side than when standing, doctors warn.

Therefore, we recommend that you do not pull on tight underpants while sleeping, and you can adjust the sleeping position appropriately to minimize the pressure on the testicles.
Males should notice the testicular nursing. They can massage their testicles gently to relieve the pressure. If you feel a certain pain in the testicles and the pain lasts for a long period of time, it may be a result of a certain inflammation like orchitis or epididymitis.
If this is the case, you can take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to better solve the disease and relieve your painful symptoms. It is made from herbal ingredients so it won’t lead to any side effects or drug resistance.
Besides, men should eat more foods containing vitamin C in their daily life. Because vitamin C helps us fight against bacteria, relieve inflammation, and boost the immune system. Foods high in vitamin C range over carrots, apples, oranges, grapes and other fresh vegetables and fruits. Improving your daily diet can make you better and healthier. So keep at it.

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