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What Are Foods That Men Can Eat To Improve Sperm Quality?

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Improving sperm quality is very important for the father-to-be, because it directly affects the issue of good birth and fertility, so sperm quality needs to be paid attention to in daily life.
So what foods can men eat to improve sperm quality? There are some suggestions for you.

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Fragrant-flowered garlic -- it can warm the kidney to help yang, improve blood circulation and blood stasis, also known as "yang grass". Occasionally, the effect is even better with alcohol. While you don't drink too much alcohol.
Salmon -- it is high in protein and increases hormones in the body.
Fresh oyster -- it is a type of seafood that contains zinc, which helps synthesize male hormones and keeps the prostatic glands functioning properly. Eating raw fresh oyster is the best way to retain zinc in oysters. Others such as lobsters, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, fish eggs, shrimp eggs, shellfish, sea algae and so on are also good options.
Ginseng -- it's not just a supplement for the elderly. Meanwhile, it's rich in plant hormones that boost levels of sterone and increase sperm production and sexual activity in all adults men.
Chocolate -- it contains a chemical called PEA, which acts as an stimulant and helps reduce stress, which of course improves sperm motility!
Cinnamon -- it improves blood circulation and will help him relax and enjoy your night. It can promote the psychological level with the rich nutrition of the cheese.
Angelica sinensis -- it contains natural plant sex hormones, which can relieve the symptoms caused by endocrine disorders, and also have the role of blood supplementing, thus making people qi and blood smooth, with sexual interest raging. By the way, it is also a important material of herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which is actually more a tonic than a medicine. If you want to improve your inner organs, it helps, too.
Caviar -- it's full of protein and hormones, while its outrageous price will definitely make you embarrassed to say it doesn't work.
Egg -- in the world, many places have the custom of eating fried eggs for wedding dinner, the purpose of which is to ensure a happy wedding night. Eggs are sweet and flat, which contain protein, fat, vitamins, zinc, calcium, phosphorus and iron. It can nourish and calm the mind, improve the blood, nourish the yin and moisten dryness.
However, only eating some foods can not make sure you get your sperm quality improved. You should also pay attention to personal hygiene that can help you avoid the inflammations and infections, and put emphasis on physical exercise when you have a healthy eating plan.
Getting proper exercise benefits you. Exercise is not only a great way to maintain a healthy body, but also help you give vent to negative emotions. After exercise, you can be delighted. Being equipped with good eating plan and exercise, you will end in good body health, including the high quality of sperm for sure.

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