What Damage Can Epididymitis Cause To The Sperm?

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Epididymitis can cause damage to the sperm. Depending on the disease, patients with epididymitis will suffer from different damage.

1. Epididymitis causes anti-sperm antibody easily
After the formation of anti-sperm antibody, mixed in semen, it will closely chase sperm, or simply and firmly be adsorbed on the surface of sperm, so that sperm has nowhere to hide. As a result, sperm mobility significantly will decrease, or sperm agglutination will be formed, seriously influencing the sperm movement.
At the same time, antibodies can also enter the blood circulation and have a wide diverse effects on the function of reproductive organs. If the immune response produced by the anti-sperm antibody acts on the testicular tissue, it will form a special destructive effect, making the spermatogenic function of the testis abnormal, leading to spermatogenic dysfunction azoospermia.
2. Epididymitis caused by pathogenic microbial infection
When there are congestion and edema in the testicular lumen, its ability to nurture sperm naturally will be decreased, or even in the state of slowdown. All kinds of nutritive materials for the sperm secreted by epididymis will be significantly reduced, so that the sperm ability will be significantly weakened, eventually leading to a distinctly higher percentage of immobile or dead sperm being expelled.
3. Epididymitis caused by E. coli
Some pathogens (like E. coli) can directly cause damage to the sperm in the epididymis, inhibiting its mobility. Some pathogens (such as mycoplasma and chlamydia) can be adsorbed on the surface of sperm, making it less active or even lost. The toxin produced by the pathogen will also poison the naturally fragile sperm, making its mortality greatly increased. At the same time, white blood cells, and other body guards in the elimination of pathogens, may accidentally injure or kill the sperm. A large number of metabolites produced by inflammatory response will also poison sperm, or change the living environment of sperm, so that sperm motility will be dropped, resulting in the increase of deformed sperm.
4. Epididymitis caused by gonorrhoeae
In this case, it not only will cause inflammatory reaction and damage to sperm, but also will easily cause the constriction or blockage of the epididymal duct, leading to incomplete or complete vas deferens obstruction near the epididymal end. This is an irreversible epididymitis sequelae that the sperm is trapped in the epididymis and can't get out, only waiting to be lost or slaughtered, resulting in obstructive oligospermia or azoospermia.
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