Can Epididymitis Infect The Spouse During Sexual Life?

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Epididymitis mainly occurs in young men. The majority of patients experience fever or scrotal swelling, while some of them may also experience stress and pain. As long as the disease is treated in time, most of the patients will be cured.
Usually, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be adopted to solve symptoms caused by epididymitis, which can effectively eradicate inflammation and improve the urogenital system. It is made of more than fifty selected natural ingredients, so it features no side effects on the human body. Due to its powerful ability to kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses, it can also be taken to help patients with prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, urinary tract infection, orchitis and so on.

Can epididymitis infect the spouse during sexual life?
Epididymitis has certain infectivity, according to the doctors. So patients should be strictly prohibited from having sex during the treatment. Epididymitis is a kind of inflammation, and patients also need to pay attention to personal hygiene during the treatment. Their underwear should be separately washed and aired, and placed in the sun exposure. In the event that improper measures are taken, patients will easily transmit inflammatory bacteria to their spouses, which will induce some gynecological inflammation in females.
Therefore, patients with epididymitis should keep good sexual habits and keep clean. Besides, there are several things they should also keep in mind during the treatment.
1. You need reasonable dietary improvement.
Don't eat spicy, cold and greasy food during the treatment. Even if you get totally cured, it is better to focus on the light foods. You can eat more foods rich in protein and vitamin, to enhance their immunity and resistance. They should drink more water and urinate in time in daily life. In addition, as tobacco and alcohol are the source of heat and humidity in the body, which can also cause vascular dilatation. Therefore, patients with epididymitis need to quit smoking and drinking alcohol as far as possible.
2. You should make sure that you have sufficient rest.
Due to the pressure from life and work, few people can form good habits nowadays, let alone the rest. For patients with epididymitis, they must pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and do not stay up too late or all night. What's more, sitting for too long is likely to trigger epididymitis, which should be avoided as well.
3. Exercise properly and keep a steady mind.
Proper exercise not only can enhance the body physique, improve immunity, but also can release pressure and make oneself maintain a steady and positive state of mind. So it is often suggested that patients with epididymitis should do some exercise appropriately, such as walking, jogging, yoga and so on.

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