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Male Friends, Beware Of Milky Liquid In Urine

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Urination is a necessity in our daily life. The normal urine volume is 1000-2000ml per day, and the average is about 1500ml among people. Besides, in regard to urine color, smell, whether there is sediment, and so on, we can judge whether the body is functioning well. But for men, when the urine features milky white liquid, do not take it lightly, you must be vigilant.
The milky liquid in the urine can be associated with prostatitis or can be caused by irritation of the bladder, such as frequent urination, burning of the urethra during urination, pain radiating to the head of the penis, and sticky discharge at the urethral orifice in the morning. A white sediment in the urine indicates a male with a reproductive problem.

Prostatitis can lead to milky liquid in the urine, resulting in pain and discomfort in the perineum and rectum. Generally speaking, the pain can also be directly radiated to the testicles and groin, resulting in discomfort in urination. There are many symptoms of prostatitis, which vary from person to person.
Whether it is because of cystitis or prostatitis, male friends should attach importance to the body treatment. Usually, you can take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to get a cure. The medicine is made from herbal ingredients that won't lead to any side effects or drug resistance when you are treated.
Besides, in order to reduce the occurrence of disease, it is often recommended to avoid excessive fatigue and pay attention to the daily diet. So you should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and do moderate physical exercise in ordinary times. Drinking more water and urinating in time can do you good, which you should keep in mind.

As for normal people, there are some things about your urine that you should know as well. Doctors point out that there may also be sediment in normal urine, which is caused by salt crystals. Because urine usually contains urate, oxalate and so on. The concentration is higher when the urine volume become less, and it will precipitate crystals, so there will be sediment at the bottom of the urine after standing.
The solubility of salt crystals decreases when the temperature is low, and it will also precipitate crystals. Therefore, the urine is particularly easy to precipitate in cold days. If this is the case, you don't have to worry too much. Just take it as a normal phenomenon.


Normal fresh urine should be light yellow or amber, clear and odor-free. An increase or decrease in urine volume may indicate renal disease, especially nocturnal polyuria, which is often a typical symptom of kidney disease. To judge whether the urine is normal, you need to provide fresh urine and take the middle urine for testing.
Through the routine urine examination, if you find something in urine like protein, white blood cells, red blood cells, tube type, ketone body, urine sugar, etc., further examinations are needed. If there are any abnormal problems, please get medical attention in time.

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