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Six Diseases Men In Their 40s Should Be Aware Of

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Men should pay special attention to health after 40 years old. The midlife crisis is not only professional, but also physical, which ranges over career, health, family, marriage and other obstacles and crises that one may experience at this stage of life.
As for body health, there are six diseases that men in their 40s should be aware of.
1. Obesity
Although obesity does not belong to the disease, but after the occurrence of obesity, it is easy to cause a series of diseases. Studies have found that some obese men after 40 are more prone to hypertension, diabetes and a variety of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, so male friends should pay attention to their body weight.

2. High blood pressure
Many men often engage in social activities when they are young, so they tend to consume too much food with high fat, high calorie and high salt. If these factors accumulate for a long time, they will cause hypertension in the middle age, colloquially high blood pressure. Therefore, male friends should regularly carry out blood pressure monitoring after entering 40 years old and do a good job of hypertension prevention.
3. Hair loss
Many people can find the phenomenon of hair loss in men in ordinary times, which is also very common for some middle-aged men. This is often due to the pressure of work and family. So men in this situation should pay special attention to relieving their pressure and the appropriate supplement of some vitamin B, which can play a role in improving the hair loss.
4. Diabetes
Diabetes is also a very common disease in men after 40 years olf, and the disease is closely related to obesity. When male friends enter the age of 40, they are prone to developing beer belly and becoming obese, and these factors are easy to lead to the occurrence of diabetes.

5. Rarefaction of bone
Men begin to lose bone mass when they turn 40. If there is no special attention, it is easy to make the body's joints become fragile, and it is easy to occur the appearance of osteoporosis, also known as rarefaction of bone or bone loss. If you do not pay attention to it in ordinary times, it is easy to fracture.  Therefore, male patients should pay attention to bone mineral density examination on time every year, and timely supplement appropriate calcium, to prevent their calcium and bone loss.
6. Prostatitis
Prostatitis is a common male disease, which has a great impact on middle-aged men. It will lead to the phenomenon of frequent urination, urgent urination and pain in men. In serious cases, chronic prostatitis will affect the sexual function of men, leading to premature ejaculation and infertility and other problems.
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