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Why Are Male-related Diseases More Common in Summer?

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After entering the summer, the temperature rises, many patients with prostatitis will appear the illusion of symptom relief, leading to the interruption of treatment and incomplete treatment. In this case, they can not kill the bacteria effectively, and the remaining bacteria are still lurking there. 
Once they encounter fatigue or reduced body resistance, the remaining bacteria will be reproductive. It's easy to generate genitourinary system infections and repeated attacks of the disease. That is why male friends see symptoms as a nuisance that goes back and forth.

In summer, people's metabolism speeds up while the blood circulation throughout the body increases. Sweaty, moist, and warm conditions give opportunities for the proliferation of microbes. Hot weather can make men more irritable and stressed, so they tend to drink cold beverages or beer and stay up late. These will significantly reduce the resistance of men, leading to the emergence of diseases among male friends.
In summer, men need to protect their reproductive system from four following types of inflammation:
The first disease is prostatitis
Summer is a season with a high incidence for men with prostatitis. When the temperature rises, they ignore cold protection and warmth in the lower body and stop drug treatment. They can quickly feel the cold in the prostate area, along with pain in the lower abdomen or lower body. These are typically the culprits that cause prostatitis.
Expert tip: in summer, men need to pay attention to prostate health and develop a healthy lifestyle, including quit smoking, less alcohol, less spicy food, refusing to stay up late, and keep good hygiene habits. In addition, men need to maintain regular and moderate sex. These are predisposing factors to these prostate diseases. Once they have prostatitis and other infections in adjacent organs, they need to treat the conditions as soon as possible to protect them from threat.
As for the treatment, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a better choice. It aims at repairing your whole reproductive system, not just eliminating symptoms. And, summer is also a good time to treat prostatitis. Because of the rising temperature and the acceleration of blood circulation, it can accelerate drug absorption.
The second disease is sexual dysfunction.
High-temperature weather will make people extremely agitated, coupled with the pressure of work and life. The weather will make them extremely tired. So a slight stimulation will lead to their ejaculation and eventually bring premature ejaculation.
Expert tip: they need to change their terrible hobbies and habits to prevent sexual dysfunction disease. They also need to combine their work and rest, exercise actively for a better body.
The third disease is reproductive infection.
In hot summer, many bacteria can breed and increase the risk of infection of the reproductive system, which can harm reproductive health. Experts remind: men need to pay attention to personal hygiene, clean the lower body with warm water every night, especially the dirt in the foreskin. They'd better choose breathable cotton underwear and change them frequently. They are not allowed to wear tight underwear or jeans. They also need to avoid smoking and drinking for regular life and strengthened nutrition. Men with long phimosis and foreskin need to do surgery as soon as possible.

The fourth disease is urinary calculus.
In summer, men are at an increased risk of developing urinary stones, which relate to a lack of vitamin D and water. The body is constantly dehydrated, which increases the concentration of urine, makes crystals and kidney stones.
Expert tip: a lack of water can result in kidney stones. Therefore, they'd better finish a lot of water, take more urination, and reduce the incidence of kidney stones.
Warm Tips:
1. Men can exercise more in summer to build up their physique. You need to keep away from smoking and drinking. Because nicotine can shrink blood vessels and reduce blood flow into the sex organs. Excessive alcohol can suppress the central nervous system, leading to sexual dysfunction. You'd better keep your spirit cheerful, take more rest, and reduce staying up late.
2. Males need to pay attention to the health care of the reproductive system in summer to avoid being attacked by diseases. Under this circumstance, you can generally keep sexual life, maintain a harmonious tie between husband and wife, and prevent physical dysfunction and infertility. So they need to value and avoid infection of the reproductive system during a hot summer.

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