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Can Yellow Sperm Affect Fertility?

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The color of sperm depends on the composition of semen. The average sperm is grey-white or a faint yellow. If you abstain from sex for a long time, the color of your semen will turn yellow. It is normal.
However, the abnormal semen symptom is accompanied by yellow sperm in the long run. Inflammation in the reproductive tract can increase the risk of suppurative infection in the prostate and seminal vesicle.

In usual cases, the color of sperm should be milky white or light yellow, but the color changes with a man's health state. In the meanwhile, the color of the semen can also reveal whether or not the sperm quality is good enough.
If a man's sperm is chronically yellow, it may affect fertility. Besides, if your sperm color has changed, it shows that something is wrong with your health. Yellow sperm is a relatively common phenomenon, and there are two significant reasons for it:
One is long-term abstinence. 
If men abstain from sex for a long time, their yellow sperm will appear when they resume sex. Long-term sperm intervals will make their semen composition a physiological change, which will also make sperm yellow. At this time, the semen is quite sticky, limiting the semen mobility, leading to inactivity of sperm and male infertility. If you have not discharged sperm for a long time, there will be a decrease in semen motility.
However, harmonious sexual life can improve the condition. When the frequency of sexual life is regular, the yellow sperm can be significantly improved to a normal one. There is no need to worry too much: you do not need to abstain from sex in daily life. Keeping moderate and regular sex life is the need to maintain the relationship between husband and wife and the need to ensure male reproductive health.
The second reason is reproductive infection.
If a man's semen is consistently yellow, it may indicate some problems in the reproductive system. The most common diseases are prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis. The seminal fluid is composed of seminal vesicle fluid, prostatic fluid, epididymal fluid, and small amounts of fluid secreted by the bulbous glands of the urethra.
The seminal plasma, the necessary medium to transport semen, is essential for providing energy and nutrients for semen. If there is inflammation in the prostate and seminal vesicle, the bacteria will stimulate the semen, and it will lead the quality of semen to decline. In addition, it reduces the amount of fluid produced by the two organs, which leads to a decrease in semen production and ultimately male infertility.
There are three ways to cope with yellow sperm:
1. Figure out the reasons causing yellow sperm. If it is caused by some reproductive system infections, such as prostatitis or seminal vesiculitis, men should seek medical treatment. And herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can work effectively and directly into reproductive system and urinary system, to completely clear up infections.
2. The activity of sperm is linked with the number of fructose in the seminal vesicle. If the fructose content of semen is not enough, it can easily cause asthenospermia. So, men can eat some honey and various fruits rich in fructose, such as pears, apples, grapes, pineapples, and sweet oranges. 
These fruits contain vitamin E and various trace elements, and help resist bacteria that destroy sperm. 600mg of vitamin E a day can effectively improve sperm motility.
3. Men with yellow sperm need to adjust their living habits: they need to work and rest reasonably and avoid staying up late. They had better not smoke and drink, and eat less spicy food. In their daily diet, they need a balanced diet of light fare.
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