The treatment for BPH with herbal medicine

Date:2018-12-07 click:0

 Mr. J      67 yesrs old      American

He has been diagnosed with BPH in 2009, and found my treatment in 2010. His only problem was when urinating , it stoped and started, the urine didn't have an even continuous flow until finished and he got up about 3 time per night to urinate. Some times have urgent urinate. I told him that because he has frequent urinate, he need three extra herbs while taking the pills, he accepted. After consulting for specific diet restriction, he started the treatment.
After one months, he saw an improvement. Then he said"that's why I'm willing to order pills for next month". In his third months treatment, "most of the time, urinating is coming in one stream, not stopping and starting, like it was at one time". And he sometimes only needed to get up 2 times at night. In his forth month of medication, he could drive for three hourswith no urgency to go urinate even after arriving at their destination. He said it was a miracle. After four months medication, he was quite satisfied with the treatment, getting up 1 times at night in most of time. (Actually getting up 1 - 2 times at night is normal and good for men at his age, because of the aging of organs. )