Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis, 22 years old

Date:2018-12-07 click:0

 Mr. Chen     22 years old     Shandong Province

Diagnosis: chronic bacterial prostatitis
Symptoms: urgent urinate, frequent urinate, lower abdominal pain, pain with urinate, pain in penis, drips after urinate, swelling urethral orifice, sticky and white urethral orifice
He is a young men who don't trust TCM that much even he himself is a Chinese. When I persuaded him to try herbal medicine for his prostatitis, he just wanted to take one month pills to have a try. After about three weeks, he contacted me saying that he was seeing quite an improvement. He says, " I've never believe in tcm before, after this I'm quite confident in it".
After two month when he was ordering third month pills, he told me that his urgent and drips after urinate were almost gone, but the urethral orifice was still swelling.
When he contacted me at the end of third months treatment, the swell at his urethral orifice had subsided for several days but later it reappeared, and lower abdominal pain sometimes occurred. I asked him to take some tests to see if he is already cured.
In the middle of fourth month medication, he told me that his tests for prostate were all with good results and he was feeling quite good. By now his chronic bacterial prostatitis is completely cured.