Chlamydia Prostatitis, Smith, the USA

Date:2018-12-07 click:0

Mr. Smith     33 years old     the United State of America

Mr, Smith had been diagnosed with prostatitis 4 years ago. His prostate gland is enlarged. Chlamydia test result was positive. His symptoms were: testis pain, burning feeling in the penis and while urinating.
He told me that he had visited plentiful of doctors, urologists, andtcm doctors, however he couldn't get cured. Later he discussed with me about my treatment on msn. After knowing my treatment principle he started to take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.
After one month medication, he said the herbs dulled his symptoms. In 2nd month treatment, some symptoms recurred because he had some wine. I asked him to strictly follow the diet. Later when 3 months treatment ends, he visited local urologist and did some tests. He happily told me that his chlamydia test result was negative, and the prostate gland was in normal size.