Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill cures Prostatic hyperplasia

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1. Personal information

Name: Mr. Shang, age: 76, address: relative's courtyard, branch bureau of Yuncheng road, western red flag street, Yuncheng city, Shanxi Province, treatment time: August, 2009.
2. Major symptoms
As he had frequent urination and too much urination at night, he was diagnosed with prostatic hyperplasia. He took a surgery ten years ago. However, the symptoms recurred in the recent four years and he still urinated frequently, even with blood in his urine. He made cystoscopy at hospital and triangular region of the bladder was found thickening. He knew of my Chinese patent medicine "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory pill" accompanied with the herbal medicine of stopping bleeding. After he took treatment in my clinic for one month, the symptoms of frequent urination was relieved and urine of blood were decreased. Four months later, the symptoms of hematuria and frequent urination disappeared, and when he took cystoscopy again, the result of the test suggested that the bladder trigone was only rough without proliferation. And the patient asked to take treatment for another one month to consolidate the treatment. At last his disease was cured.