What is the chlamydia infection disease?

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Chlamydia infection is a disease which can cause systemic infection in human beings, birds and mammals. But what is the chlamydia infection disease? Dr.Lee who have studies traditional Chinese medicine says that according to different hosts of chlamydia, it can be divided into three categories.  

Either chlamydia or mycoplasma is unfamiliar to a large number of people. Actually, both chlamydia or mycoplasma are very tiny causative organisms, but can cause great damage to human health.
What is chlamydia infection? Chlamydia infection is the direct treat to women. Major pathogens that can give rise to human chlamydia infection: Trachoma - inclusion conjunctivitis chlamydia, venereal lymphogranuloma trachomatis, chlamydia psittaci.  
1. Human host of chlamydia. Such as, Trachoma - inclusion conjunctivitis chlamydia, venereal lymphogranuloma trachomatis, chlamydia psittaci, bedsonia ornithosis, etc. Those can cause oculopathy, genitourinary diseases and respiratory diseases.   
2. Birds host of chlamydia. For example, chlamydia psittaci and bedsonia ornithosis. Both of them are able to bring about respiratory diseases and systemic infection in birds and human beings.
3. Mammals ( except primates ) host of chlamydia. For instance, livestock and rodents chlamydia, which are easily arouse diseases in respiratory, placenta, joint and intestinal.  
The life cycle of chlamydia: The infectious chlamydia adsorbes on surface of the host permissive cell (cell which is sensitive to pathogens and easily be infected by pathogens), enters cytolymph by the process of phagocytosis and then forms initial body that can propagate. The initial body then frequently produces binary division in cytolymph vacuoles. The result is that host cells are full of many tiny particles( chlamydia ). After that, host cell rupture occurs, chlamydia pathogens rush out and invade new host cells to start a new life cycle. 
Dr.Lee reminds patients that unprotected sex is the direct causes of chlamydia infection. Therefore contraception is a necessity for women.