Comparison between Antibiotic Medications and Herbal Remedy for Chlamydia

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Discharge, pain/burning sensation during urination, pain and swelling in the testicles, they are all common symptoms on chlamydia sufferers. Men with chlamydia infection at their genital or urinary system often gets a urethritis symptoms. Symptoms may dull without any treatment, but most of the cases the condition turns chronic and aggravates with time. Epididymitis, prostatitis, orchitis, and rectitis are possible complications even when the infection is cured. 

After chlamydia is tested, the doctor often prescribe a antibiotic. This is simple and effective, up to 95% of people will be cured after one course of antibioitics once the infection is diagnosed in time. However there're still a mount of people can't or don't have their infection diagnosed rapidly. Once the infection turns chronic, the success rate of antibiotics on curing this is much lower because of the drug resistance. 
So what could the left 5% people and those who just cannot be treated by antibiotics do? Keeping trying and trying different types of antibiotics is not Chinese people always do. They got Traditional Chinese Medicine which they 're proud of to deal with this thing. Thousands of herbs are at TCM doctors' hands to be used in treating diseases. Herbs may not work rapidly in treating some acute conditions, but always perform well in curing chronic diseases. Chlamydia infection that cannot be cleared up by antibiotics are always thought incurable by western doctors, but actually they are still under the control. Dr. Lee Xiaoping as a remarkable TCM doctor, has developed a formula which works on long-term chlamydia infection effectively. With 30 years experience as a herbalist, the formula is much safer than antibiotics because there's no side effect. Now thousands of Chinese patients have benefited from this herbal remedy - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, and no side effect has been reported in clinical cases. 
So in the treatment of chlamydia infection, antibiotics are:
quick in curing the infection; 
effective in short-term infection;
with side effects;
of drug resistance, 
while the herbal remedy is:
effective in long-term infection;
without side effect
of no drug resistance.
Then how do you choose proper treatment for chlamydia infection?
It's better to get antibiotics if you:
are tested rapidly;
suffer less than 3 months;
have never been infected with chlamydia before.
Herbal remedy is more appropriate for you if you:
are not tested in time;
suffer for 4 months or more;
are having a recurring or reinfection