Why Does Chlamydia Come Back After Treatment?

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At present, Chlamydia infection with a very high incidence has a strong threat to the human body. If people with Chlamydia do not receive timely treatment, they will suffer from damage caused by more severe diseases. Therefore, only by choosing the right treatment method can the disease be cured as soon as possible. 
However, many patients have not done routine care after the treatment of disease, leading to recurrence of the chlamydia. If we do not take precautions against the causes of recurrence, it is likely to occur again, then why does Chlamydia infection always come back? 

1. Infectious characteristics
The main site of the disease in the genital area. Conventional treatment can only remove warts in the affected area, but it can not completely remove the virus in the body. Some patients who are infected do not have any clinical symptoms, which is called "subclinical infection". 
Normally, the appearance of local mucosa is normal and the acetic acid white test is negative, but the presence of HPV can be detected by the molecular biology method. This is because the primary lesion is not treated thoroughly so that the HPV still exists in the residual lesions after treatment. At present, it is considered that latent infection of HPV is one of the main reasons for the recurrence of the disease.
2. Immune function
The data show that the immunity of patients with Chlamydia infection is relatively lower than that of healthy people, and patients often have diabetes, AIDS, kidney transplantation, malignant tumors, immunosuppressive chemotherapy, and glucocorticoid, the incidence and recurrence rate of Chlamydia infection is significantly increased, and the volume of warts is relatively large.
3. Sexual behavior
Patients with multiple sexual partners at the same time are more likely to suffer from Chlamydia infection when having sex. In a certain range, frequent sexual life is also a risk factor for Chlamydia infection. The incidence and recurrence rate of Chlamydia infection is significantly increased in those who have first sexual intercourse less than 19 years old. 
The recurrence rate is very low when the partners are checked and treated at the same time and safety measures are taken. On the contrary, the recurrence rate is higher when the partners are concealed and no safety measures are taken. Patients should pay attention to their hygiene, maintain good living habits, and avoid having sex during treatment.

4. bad habits
Drinking, smoking is also an independent risk factor for Chlamydia infection because it reduces people’s body resistance. Studies have shown that the incidence of Chlamydia infection in smokers is more than three times higher than that in non-smokers, and the incidence increases with the increase of smoking age and the number of cigarettes per day. 
At the same time, smoking can promote the recurrence of Chlamydia infection. An individual with poor hygiene habits, redundant prepuce, various vulvovaginal infections in women and increased secretions caused by local humid environment are conducive to the growth of HPV, leading to the recurrence of Chlamydia.
The symptoms of Chlamydia infection are quite serious, which can cause various physical discomforts after stimulation and damage to multiple tissues of the body. Usually, when suffering from Chlamydia infection symptoms, it is necessary to take an effective examination and test, and then choose better treatment options depending on different conditions. Lack of standardized treatment and follow-up care is also one of the factors leading to the recurrence of chlamydia.

The application of heat-clearing and detoxification in Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can achieve the efficacy of broad-spectrum antibiotics, but it will not produce any side effects and drug resistance. The efficacy of sterilization and anti-inflammation can also completely kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses, while enhancing the immune function of patients, making the treatment more thorough. 
Of course, we should also learn to do a good job of nursing in daily life. Only in this way can the condition be alleviated quickly and the great curative effect is achieved in the shortest time, and the persistent physical damage can be reduced.