How Does Man Know the Level of His fertility?

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With the development of society, the understanding of fertility has changed from the previous mode of early birth, multiple births, high birth rate and high mortality rate to the mode of late delivery, non-birth, low birth rate, low death rate and pursuit of eugenic birth and childbearing. The transformation of this mode has directly made infertility become the biggest worldwide problem in the 21st century, and also a social problem that must be solved at present

At present, there are nearly 15% of infertile men and women of reproductive age, and malefactors account for about 50% of the causes of infertility. For couples who are prepared to have babies, timely and accurate evaluation of fertility of both men and women is really important. For couples with poor fertility, appropriate treatment measures can be taken as soon as possible to improve the fertility level.
And this paper mainly elaborates how to evaluate the level of male fertility.
Male Fertility Assessment: Male Fertility Assessment is a comprehensive and holistic process. After systematic evaluation, the fertility status, the possibility of natural fertility, and the probability of a healthy baby can be judged. For infertile couples, the assessment of male fertility also needs to exclude the female factor.
1. Sexual function
Men's sexual arousal is a delicate and complicated process, and its mechanism has not been fully figured out. But the male sexual function will directly affect their fertility. The evaluation of male sexual function mainly relies on male doctors' physical examinations, inquiry of medical history, analysis of laboratory, B-mode ultrasonography, imaging, pathology and so on, and then make corresponding treatment measures.

Of course, sexual function is not confined to erection and ejaculation. For example, the low frequency of sexual life caused by decreased sexual desire and the lack of rigidity after erection is also important factors leading to fertility decline.
For male patients with sexual dysfunction, detailed sexual function tests should be carried out, including related scoring scale, night erection monitoring, penile blood flow Doppler ultrasound, and penile vibration threshold sensitivity measurement. According to the corresponding clinical manifestations and test results, corresponding treatment should be given.
2. Semen quality
Assurance of male fertility requires examining not only normal sexual function but also the quality of sperm. The main means of sperm quality examination are semen routine analysis.
Routine semen analysis is the most important means of semen quality assessment, which can preliminarily determine the fertility level of men. However, a conventional semen analysis can only give the data on sperm dynamics parameters. Because there are many factors affecting sperm motility parameters in men, the results fluctuate greatly.

The quality of male sperm cannot be determined by the evaluation of only one semen specimen. WHO recommends that the quality of men's sperm can only be assessed at least two to three routine semen analyses. For azoospermia patients, it is necessary to sample semen several times and centrifuge the semen several times before the diagnosis can be confirmed.
In addition to routine semen analysis, sperm morphology, sperm DNA fragment index, seminal plasma biochemistry, sperm immunology, bacteriology (Mycoplasma, chlamydia, gonococcus), sperm hypoosmotic swelling test, sperm penetration test, and other testing items can analyze and evaluate sperm quality from different angles and judge male fertility. 
Diagnosis and treatment of related andrological diseases are of great significance. Male friends can detect whether they have chlamydia infection, gonorrhea, and so on, and actively treat them in time. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is also effective in killing bacteria and diminishing inflammation, so that chlamydia, Mycoplasma turn negative.
3. Psychological Assessment
In recent years, people began to realize that psychological counseling is an important means to treat male infertility. Men's mental problems such as guilt, anxiety, inferiority complex, and other mental stress, often lead to non-organic male dysfunction.

Psychological factors caused erectile dysfunction accounted for about 60% of infertility patients caused by psychological factors. Understanding male psychology and solving their psychological problems often have unintended therapeutic effects on some patients who can not find out the cause of disease. Men's psychological abnormalities can lead to changes in penile blood flow, endocrine, nerve, and other factors. 
Fertility assessment of these patients is challenging, because patients are often reluctant to let people know, easily misleading the doctor's judgment, so they need the cooperation of psychologists in diagnosis and treatment.
Propagation is the gift of nature to all kinds of life. It is necessary to understand the methods of a fertility evaluation. Fertility evaluation is an effective method of eugenics birth and childbearing, and also an important means of treating infertility and assisted reproduction.