Can Echinacea Treat Chlamydia Infection Effectively?

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Echinacea is a kind of wildflower in Compositae. Because it has 14 pharmacological actions and has clear and significant effects on 145 diseases, Echinacea is recognized as the king of remedies in plants by the whole herb and European cost organization. Because of its anti-virus and anti-inflammatory effects, many people think it can also effectively treat Chlamydia infection. Does Echinacea help Chlamydia infection?

The reason why Echinacea can effectively treat Chlamydia infection is that it contains the active ingredients of polysaccharides, alkylamides, and caffeic acids. Polysaccharide not only has the function of immune stimulation and "receptor occupied" antiviral effect, but also can promote the recovery of the infection site.
Caffeic acid compounds can promote the phagocytosis of granulocytes. Besides, these three active ingredients have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. So, do these effects mean Echinacea can effectively treat Chlamydia infection? The answer is no.
When the human body is infected with chlamydia, it will spread in the human body, and cause other urogenital system inflammation and various discomfort symptoms, while Echinacea can only play an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory role, and can not effectively improve the signs of various discomfort in patients, so Echinacea is only conducive to the treatment of Chlamydia infection, but can not achieve the cure.

So how can patients get rid of Chlamydia infection completely?
At present, the main treatment of Chlamydia mycoplasma infection is antibiotics, and these drugs have a good effect on the treatment of Chlamydia mycoplasma. However, patients need to choose according to the results after the drug sensitivity test.
However, in recent years, antibiotic resistance, allergy, and toxic effect on the liver and kidney are more and more obvious, which makes many Chlamydia Mycoplasma patients stop. At present, antibiotics have been difficult to meet the treatment needs of Chlamydia Mycoplasma patients.
For patients with Chlamydia infection, if you want to get rid of the disease completely, you can choose herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can effectively remove the pathogen so that it will not continue to spread and harm other organs.

In addition, the pills can also repair the damaged genital tract mucosa caused by chlamydia, improve the vitality or activity of sperm, and improve the fertility of men. It can treat chlamydia and its complications fundamentally, such as Chlamydia prostatitis, Chlamydia urethritis, Chlamydia cystitis, and so on.
In addition, diet therapy is also an important part of patients with Chlamydia infection. There are many recurrent cases related to decreased immunity due to a poor diet. Therefore, patients should pay attention to diet regulation, strengthen nutrition intake, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid stimulating, fried, fatty food, and quit smoking and drinking before get cured. Best wishes for your recovery!

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