What are the treatment options for necrospermia?

Date:2018-12-05 click:0

Necrospermia is a disease that men has less of mature normal sperms or more of dead sperms. This is one of the common causes of male factor infertility. Many men feel helpless when facing this condition. However, some treatments for necrospermia can be available.

1. Free Radial Scavangers: These are drug to reduce the free damaging oxidative radical in the testis. For your information every minute lot of oxidant radicals are generated inside the testis which damages sperm forming cells. These special antioxidant drugs scavange these damaging oxidative free radicals thus leading to production of normal sperms by the testis. In many study these free radical scavengers have been found to be very-very effective in curing dead sperms.
2. Herbal medicine. Necrospermia can be caused by many factors such as inflammatory diseases. In addition, infection of uro-genital tract may affect sperm production. Repeated bouts of infections are one of the common causes associated with male infertility. In this situation, herbal medicine could be a better treatment treatment for this condition. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill as a typical herbal treatment for necrospermia caused by these factors, it can help men to form normal sperm. What’s more, herbal medicine doesn’t have any side effects.
3. Coenzyme ubique: These drugs improve the nutritional status of the testis. Thus testis as well as sperm forming cells get enough nutrient which helps in fast generation of normal sperms in good number with good motility & fertilizing capacity.
In a word, you should choose right treatment for necrospermia depending on your personal condition. Herbal medicine could be the safest remedy in these treatments.