5 Factors That Cause Male Infertility

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Nowadays, more and more males have problem of infertility. Many of them pay no attention to their lifestyles which cause irreversible damages to the reproductive system. Though herbal medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can cure male infertility caused by urinary system diseases like prostatitis, epididymitis, chlamydia, males still should attach importance to the inducements of this big problem. To prevent the damages to the fertility, males need to know the 5 factors that affect the fertility.

male infertility

1.Wearing tight jeans.  

Urology experts pointed out that tight jeans will oppress the reproductive organs and affect the growth of testicles. And the survival rate of sperm will be reduced due to the heat can’t be dissipated easily by wearing tight jeans.
2.Long-distance bicycling.  

Riding bicycle for a long time will oppress the testicles and prostate, which will cause edema and inflammation in these organs. What’s worse, the inflammation in testicle and prostate can affect the formation of sperm and the secretion of prostate fluid and semen, which resulting in infertility. Therefore, males should avoid long-distance bicycle. Don’t ride a bicycle for more than an hour per day.
3.Take sauna bath frequently. 

Normally, sperm develops in a constant temperature for 34℃ to 35℃. If a man take a warm bath for a higher temperature, it will increase the risk of sperm reduction. For example, the temperature of sauna bath is up to 70℃ to 80℃, which is much higher than the temperature that is suitable for sperm to live. Thus, males should avoid take sauna frequently.
4.The deficiency of zinc and selenium in daily meals.  

As one of the most important microelements, zinc can promote the sperm vitality and prevent the prematurely sperm disintegration. It plays an vital role in male fertility. Selenium is also an imperative microelement that can affect male reproductive system. Researchers found that 37 men are lack of selenium in semen in the 1000 cases of male infertility. Therefore, males shouldn’t be particular about foods and it’s helpful to increase the intake of foods that are rich in selenium, including fish, oysters, animal liver, beans, brown rice, etc.
5.Drink alcohol and smoking too much.
Study showed that the average value of sperm concentration in the semen of a smoker is much lower than a man who don’t smoke. And the sperm vitality is reduced obviously. Alcohol is also a factor that can affect the sperm quality. It can directly affect the gonad which will decrease the production rate of testosterone. Thus, the estrogen will increase and cause the impotence and the reduction of sperm. To prevent oligospermia, males should avoid drinking alcohol and smoking.  
Regular lifestyle is very important for males. It’s helpful to correct the bad habits to prevent the infertility. More importantly, males should also have a reasonable diet to improve the sperm quality. High quality of protein is the main raw materials of semen. It’s suggested men can eat more foods that are rich in protein, such as beans, lean meat, chicken, eggs, fish and shrimps, etc. Moreover, vitamins E can prevent the aging of sexual organs and improve the vitality of sperm. Hence, males can also increase the intake of food that are abundant in vitamin E, including grains, wheat germ oil, cottonseed oil, green leafy vegetables, egg yolk, nuts, meat and dairy products. And eating more foods that are rich in zinc, such as oysters.