How does testis swollerpain occur?

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The testis is one of the most important organs of generation, from which the sperms generate, and it has plentiful supply of blood and lymph, so it has strong resistance ability to disease. If the testis has some difference, such as testis swollerpain, you should pay great attention to that.

There are several conditions caused testis swollerpain, orchitis is the most common,wihle prostatitis can be one of the causes as well. Which is a usual andropathy, one of the common cause of male sterility.
The symptoms of acute nonspecific orchitis shows high fever, chill, orchidalgia radiating along groin, accompanied by nausea and vomiting, the chronic nonspecific orchiitis may cause testis dull pain, swelling, hardening and shrinking. What' more, the acute mumps orchitis can also bring about testis swollerpain, and even if the orchitis is cured, the symptom of testis shrinking may occur. 
From above all, testis swollerpain, especially the usual testis swollerpain, may indicate the inflammation of testis to some extent, the timely treatment is needed. Because the testis is where sperms generate, which is one of the most important organs of generation. If the testis is infected, not only the illness and pain is brought to the patients, but also the secondary infection of other organs of reproduction system may occur, leading to male sterility in the end. 
To treat the testis swollerpain caused by orchitis is to treat orchitis. The traditional Chinese medicine diuretic and antiphlogistic pill can eliminate all kinds of germs causing orchitis. If the testis tissues haven’t become necrosis, the orchiatrophy caused by mumps orchitis can be treated.
The Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can cure testis swollerpain generated from orchitis, which rely on its three advantages: the medicine has no resistance and tolerance to drugs, the guiding drugs reach directly affected part, and it makes entirely treatment. The pill has effect of heat clearing and detoxicating to kill germs, it can invigorate the circulation of blood, promote qi circulation and relieve pain, thus effectively cure and recover testis, at the same time, inhibitory action of infection expanding is obvious.