Is it allowable for epididymitis sex?

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Epididymitis is a common disease among young males, including acute and chronic cases, most of which is caused by bacterial infection. There is an increasing concern that whether  sex is allowable among men with epididymits.  In fact, according to experts, it’s necessary to be careful for men with epididymitis who want to have a sex. Following your doctor’s suggestion for intercourse is a prevention in aggravating epididymitis condition. Does this mean that suffers should stop intercourse? However, the truth was quite different. 
The fact remains that avoidance of sex is essential for men with acute epididymitis. Because the epididymis, in this instance, is in inflammatory state with edema and hyperaemia. Having a sex will exacerbate the swelling of epididymis, which impedes the elimination of inflammation. Thus you can’t have intercourse until the acute epididymitis is cured. How to cure acute epididymitis involves much necessity and importance. In general, antibiotics are the widely-employed treatment for men. As they own the faculty of killing bacteria and removing infection, which enables men with acute epididymitis to recover sooner. Besides, pus in epididymis necessitates timely draining though surgery. It is advocated, in the beginning stage after recover, that you can have intercourse not that frequently. Because it is at a time when epididymitis is prone to reappear based on the fact that bacteria in duct of epididymis which is slender and wind is not easy to be killed drastically, thus inclined to coming to life to cause reccurent epididymitis. But it’s not wise to prohibit sex in case of a relapse but to the fact that long-time abstinence will cause sperm to accumulate in epididymis, leaving epididymis with turgor and further congestion.   
For men with chronic epididymitis, there is little effect on their sexual function. However,  epididymis will harden under the long-term inflammatory stimulation. While ejaculation, you will feel painful, may lasting after finishing intercourse, as the epididymis and the vas deferens will shrink to drain sperm, which greatly interferes with your sexual life. In the case of chronic epididymitis, active treatment should be taken to avoid aggravating to lead to more serious hazards. Generally, the commonly-adopted treatment is herbal medicine, which eclipses antibiotics in coping with chronic disease. As is clinically discovered, antibiotics will produce drug resistance and tolerance if taken constantly of long standing, determining it is not suitable in addressing chronic cases where the epididymitis treatment time will be longer.
 In comparison, herbal medicine like Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is much healthier and safer. Made of more than 50 kinds of herbs, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill boasts a palette of advantages, one of which is it will neither produce drug resistance and tolerance because of the natural formula nor damage the viscera that plays an crucial role in keep metabolism balance and normal. Conversely, the herbs will nourish viscera so that blood circulation and Qi flow keep regular and unobstructed, which helps facilitate reproduction and relieve pain. By killing bacteria and eliminating inflammation widely and thoroughly all over the reproductive tract, it is capable of hindering the bacteria and inflammation from spreading from its roots on the basis of the fact that male reproductive organs are closely linked one another, infection of one organ will easily influence another to cause disease. 
In short, regardless of whether you have acute or chronic epididymitis, you can’t be too careful to engage in sexual life depending on the specific circumstances where sex curb rather than abstinence is suggested.