Three crucial steps in chronic epididymitis treatment

Date:2018-11-30 click:0
It's a clinically acknowledged truth that chronic epididymitis(chronic orchitis) is the most common and intricate case of epididymitis(orchitis) among men, which deserves a more long-standing and careful treatment compared with acute one.  Chronic epididymitis manifests as uncomfortable swelling of all or part of the epididymis. In some patients, bacteria infection is the chief criminal such as Gonorrhea and chlamydia, or bacteria from a urinary tract or prostate infection as well as. spreading from the infected site to the epididymis.  In most patients, we never find any infections and the cause remains unknown.  But the patients may have other signs of inflammation. The problem is called “chronic” because epididymitis pain comes and goes over a long time. 
The  most common chronic epididymitis symptom is a low-grade ache in one testicle. It can be difficult to locate the discomfort precisely. The pain often radiates into your scrotum, groin, thigh and lower back. Sitting for prolonged periods of time will deteriorate your condition. If you have a genuine infection, you may also notice an alteration in the color or consistency of your semen. In a few patients, the inflammation in epididymis also affects your prostate gland, causing discomfort in the groins, perineum (the area between the scrotum and anus) or thighs, and may affecting your ability to pass urine.
In chronic epididymitis treatment, antibiotics that is regarded as panacea by most people lack scope for their abilities. Since severe drug resistance and tolerance will take place, if antibiotics are taken for a long time, which will not only damage viscera but also deteriorate men's condition, and then it will be more difficult for them to recover. Whereas, herbal medicine is quite different in treating chronic diseases like chronic epididymitis. Because herbs are natural and healthy, free of side effects to human body. They won't produce drug resistance and tolerance even if being taken constantly, instead, they will improve immunity and blood circulation, moreover, expand life span.
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is such a remarkable herbal medicine, which will greatly help you by three crucial steps without any side effects.
Step one-killing bacteria and eliminating in a broad spectrum from infected epididymis to the whole reproductive tract. In this way, the epididymis will regain regular, and the possible infection of other vehicles can be restrained in embryo so that you have less chance of  experiencing replase of epididymitis.
Step two-activating blood and removing stasis. It can boost blood circulation and metabolism to enhance immunity and relieve pain in various sites scrotum, groin, thigh and lower back, which will foster self-heal of your body. 
Step three-improving urination. It will keep the regular free flow of urination, so that  pain and difficulty while urinating as well as the symptoms of urgent and frequent urination will be eliminated. 

For men, you also have three steps to follow during the treatment of epididymitis.
Step one-controlling diet. You'd better avoid alcohol, spicy food, sea food, all dairy products, chicken, beef, fish, and other trigger food.

Step two-keeping milder exercise. Sedentary lifestyle is one of cause in epididymitis. Some moderate programs like walking, jogging.

Step three-controlling sex. Generally, men with acute epididymitis should prohibit intercourse while men with chronic one can have, not frequently, sex life  with a condom lest infections spread to women to cause their gynecological diseases.