What have you harvest from chronic epididymitis treatment antibiotics?

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Nearly all men who turn around and choose Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for epididymitis treatment have before taken antibiotics for months or even years. However, what they have harvest from antibiotics are nothing but more damage.

How do antibiotics treat epidiymitis?

When treating epididymitis, antibiotics works by its properties of killing bacteria and eliminate inflammation. While many men have not taken it accurately that antibiotics can only be taken for one week, which means it’s not useful and even detrimental to keep taking them after seven days due to drug resistance and side effect. So the shortage of such characteristics make antibiotics not suitable to treat chronic epididymitis. It is impossible for chronic epididymitis to be cured in mere one week. Of course, in acute epididymitis treatment, antibiotics can work well. While the occurrence of superbug urges us that it’s better not to overuse antibiotics.  In addition, some men said that they recover from acute epididymitis very soon by taking antibiotics, but later the are attacked by it again or even get another male reproductive disease like bladder, seminal vesiculitis.

Why do epididymitis symptoms come and go?

Although antibiotics can kill bacteria quickly, but they can only kill some certain kind of bacteria. That means, if your epididymitis are  caused by chlamydia, then you will be prescribed the antibiotics which targets chlamydia. But dut to the fact that bacteria variation happens easily, the antibiotics used to kill chlamydia can't recognize and kill the bacteria any more when it changes into another kind. Then you will regain epididymitis because of bacteria variation.

Is there any medication that can recognize all kinds of bacteria and kill them?

Indeed, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has such functions which have the ability to kill bacteria in a broad spetrum.  No matter how bacteria changes, the Pill can revcognize and kill them and no matter where they hide, the Pill can find out them. Because male reproductive systems are closely linked, men can get one disease because of the spreading infection from another infected site. For example, epididymitis can be caused by the infection from prostatitis and infected urethra. Any bacteria hiding in anywhere of the reproductive and urinary systems are unable to escape the penetrating gaze of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.

Besides, the pill is a formula made of natural herbs free from chemical substances, so it has no side effect in comparison with antibiotics which will not cause drug resistance and tolerance and damage the live rand kidney. And  it can boost blood circulation and remove impurity in blood  as well as improve the self-heal, in this way, it not only help treat diseasebut also nourish and nurture the infected site so that men has the very little possibility of being attacked by the similar disease. And due to its natural and rewarding ingredients, diuretic and anti-inflammation pill will cause no side effects and won’t produce drug resistance and tolerance even being taken constantly. Because it is patented, any patient will be prescribed according to their specific cases instead of random use.