Does Epididymitis cause Azoospermia for men?

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Male reproductive structure is special, epididymis and testis are two separate but closely related reproductive organs, their common responsibility is to "protect" sperm, when there is inflammation of the epididymis or Orchitis, symptoms can affect the quality of sperm, and some patients with severe conditions may even have azoospermia. So, will Epididymitis lead to male Aspermia? Let me give you a detailed introduction.
The epididymis is a complex reproductive organ. It acts as a bridge to connect the vas deferens with the seminiferous tubules of the testicles. When a man produces a large amount of sperm, sperm can not only be found in the testis, but also in the epididymis. The epididymis also secretes the epididymis. The liquid contains some hormones, enzymes and specific nutrients to help the sperm mature.
When some bacteria, such as Enterobacter, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus and other pathogenic bacteria invades, infection of the epididymis can lead to epididymitis, epididymitis causes the male epididymis to appear enlarged, hardened and painful, the most serious is the male azoospermia .
Causes of epididymitis leading to male azoospermia:
The epididymis is an important channel for transporting sperm, and the epididymis provides energy for transporting sperm. When epididymitis occurs, the epididymal tubules become stuck or blocked, which may lead to poor sperm transport ability, sperm can not survive and be transport outed normally, resulting in male ejaculation failure. When it is impossible to shoot normal sperm, it leads to male azoospermia.
Patients with epididymitis can take oral herbal medicine Diuretic Anti-inflammatory Pill for the bacteria to be completely wiped away and the inflammation to be eliminated. It is recommended by many experts that the patients should be treated in the early stage of the disease to avoid aggravation and the possible more serious harm to themselves.