The Difference Between Epididymitis and Orchitis

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Epididymitis is a non-specific infection of the male reproductive system, it is common among the young and the middle-aged. The retrograde entry of pathogenic bacteria through the spermatic duct to the epididymisand causes inflammation, while translymphatic and blood-borne infections are rare. 
Therefore, epididymitis is often secondary to urethritis and prostatovesiculitis. 
Epididymitis has symptoms like high fever, chills, testicular pain, local scrotal swelling, testicular enlargement and increased white blood cells. 
The clinical symptoms of orchitis are a small amount of white secretion of the urethra or dirty underwear, most patients will have systemic symptoms such as high fever, chills, nausea and vomiting. The local symptoms are testicular pain, redness and swelling of scrotum skin, and obvious testicular swelling and tenderness.
Although there are differences between the two diseases, the symptoms are somewhat similar, orchitis is mostly caused by epididymitis spread directly to the testis or blood infection, so it is clinically called epididymic orchitis, it’s difficult for Ordinary people to distinguish them, so it is recommended for patients to go to the hospital for examination before treatment.
If patients do not pay enough attention to these diseases, the diseases will cause greater harm, such as semen emission, loss of fertility, risks of diseases such as varicocele, prostatitis, and endocrine diseases, etc., it may also cause male tumors, and even endanger the patient's life in serious cases and sexual dysfunction and so on.
Therefore, if the patients are once diagnosed as orchitis and epididymitis, effective treatment should be taken. The treatment methods usually include routine drug therapy and surgical treatment. 
For patients with typical symptoms, if there are bacteria detected or Mycoplasma and Chlamydia test results show positive, it is suggested that sensitive antibiotics should be given after a drug susceptibility test. 
If the patient has testicular cyst and nodule, it can be neglected in the case of mild illness. However, if its size is large and has obvious compressive pain, it can be resected surgically.
But for patients who take routine medication with unlucky results, is there any better choices? Actually there're natural therapy available, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. 
The treatment scope of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill includes epididymitis and orchitis, On one hand, it can clear the bacterial infection on testis and epididymis and reverse the pathological change, effectively sterilize and eliminate inflammation, on the other hand, the herbal ingredients such as Herba Polygoni Avicularis, Safflower, peach kernel, angelica, Radix Paeoniae Rubra can eliminate the pain and swelling of testis and epididymis by repairing the pathogenic lesions. 
In the meantime, healthy eating habits and good living habits are important measures to get rid of orchitis and epididymitis as soon as possible.